LanceBarb, will he work?


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LanceBarb, will he work?

Hey all!

Im a sorc player mostly, but I always thought Lancebarbs were so kool, so I have just started out making one..

Im kinda noobish conserning barb, so u guys out there may be able the help me out, or atleast share ur oppinion!

I hear allota ppl say, that shield is so vital, and a barb without shield cant survive. But what about a cruel warpike of swiftness with 2 shaels, that will kill most monsters in 2 WW, so they wont even harm you. Plus huge damage equels nice lifeL.

Just wondering why im not seeing any lancebarbs out there... afterall war pikes are the highest damaging weapon, of course not as fast, but a 15 - 20 k dmg WW is still good enough to survive?

Haven't thought of skills other than BO and WW, maybe mastery? Or shout...

Anyways, share ur thoughts! Maybe u have been thinking the same as me?

gOt bLunT?


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Spear whirlers certainly work well, they just HAVE to have good equipment or else they'll get screwed. They typically go ww, bo, shout, mastery, and the leftovers in ironskin. Enough str and dex to use your gear, and the rest in vit, along with some godly weapon like a ethereal BotD ghost spear and you're good to go.

Side note - Actually, Thunder Mauls are the most damaging weapons in the game. ;)



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so, maul or spear?

Thx for your reply!
Cant believe that 54 ppl have read this post so far, and only U have commented.. but thx to u! =)

Mauls dont have the same range, and I dont like that, so I'd rather sacrifice minimal damage for some more range, and afterall, War pikes looks so gosu=)

I've heard barbs a very itemsdependent too, but if i get a cruel war pike, it'll have to do! Im just wondering why no1 are building them... might merc, fana aura and enchanted spear... is there a more damaging barb?

To make just SOME1 reply, tell me this...

Have u made a lancebarb in 1.10? Why? Not?

gOt bLunT?


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thunder maul has range or 3(i think), so a ghost spear can get more hits in, but war pike is so sexy though, and its good

i got a lance barb, hes very good, one of the best barbs i've ever made, very proud of it.

120 str
100 dex(around there)
rest vitality

i play softcore so i went with mastery first, then ww, bo, shout, iron skin.

10k max dmg ww.. equiptment:
raven frost
arreats face
botd war pike (must make it out of eth war pike, if u dont, then u jsut wasted a zod and vex)
grim spur
gale shell ammy

with merc(might), i do 14k ww... 18k berserk


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I also made a lance barb, but I went with Berzerk as my main skill and maxed all synergies. I found an eth war pike so I had to do it. I pumped a ton of my stats into strength just to see what kind of damage I could get. Berzerk pushes I think 23K max w/o my might merc (not online with my Diablo PC so I cant verify). I use concentrate to leach as needed.

He is fragile but man can he one hit kill. Just my 2 cents.


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isnt ur berserk barb slow thou? i think its massive dmg, but i cant stand melee with my barb, too slow


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Oh yeah, he is way too slow. But, it was still fun to build and see what all he could one hit kill.