Lan Cheat Duels (need help)

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Lan Cheat Duels (need help)

First of all i hope i don't violate any rules by posting this thread..

I'm just so bored of d2, that i've started playing around with cheat duels..

Well.. I have a few questions about cheat duels on Lan.. I don't think it is wrong cause usually the games are called something like "Cheat duelzzz" or "99 duels".. There is however a few things i don't quite understand.. :

#1 : How does the life thing work.. I can get about 30k, but when i get higher, i can only heal to about 16k, even though my max life is shown as +30k.. Need some help here.. (same thing about mana)
#2 : Since everyone got full absorb, and loads of stacked res. elemental skills clearly won't do much.. The only skill that really caught my eye was 'Smite', cause it ignores defence and block.. Need some help here with what other skills to use

Well guess thats about it.. If anyone could post a link containing info on cheat duels, or PM it to me, it would be great..

Guess thats about it.. Again sorry if im violating any rules..

(the reason i wrote LAN, is because it is not allowed to cheat on :uhhuh: )

- [iNsoMniaC]


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If you're board then try an odd hard core build. They'll renew your intrests

We can't post cheats or anything like that so try google, that said i reported the thread before someone decides you need serving fried, toasted, or grilled.

Sint Nikolaas

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Nope, sorry, we cannot discuss any of this here. I even doubt if anyone knows one answers to your questions. If you would've read any of the stickies on top of the page you would've known :rolleyes:

Try google, don't post this stuff any more, I reported the thread.. it will be closed and you won't get your answers. Oh, and don't expect to get nice replies, I dislike the fact you cheat, think you should be burned at a stake or hunted with pitchforks, but I can't say stuff like that...

''Mil & Sam''
*Breaks out flamethrower*
Oh wait, I dont flame people cause im a nice guy. I will leave the flames to FB.
*tosses Flamethrower on ground*
And yes try some new builds or play a char class that you have never played before(for me a sorc i just started one and i love her)
Do waht you want but dont take stuff or give in the giveaway thread and dont MP with people on these boards(some people dont like it)think that your stuff is contaminated)(i dont really care)(but some people really do)(you really opened a can or worms here man) Good luck hope you like well done. ;)


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You should really have known better than to have even asked that question here. Take a few days to review the rules and think about why it's a bad idea to ask for information about cheating.
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