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If you're referring to the SP ladder... I would tell you to go to It will explain it all.


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On the Realms, Blizzard lists the top characters (by experience) for each class and overall. At the SPF, we emulate that (on an honor basis.) That is, each person posts when they have gained a level or five, and Borlag updates the ladder site. See the link in the left of my sig for complete rules, etc.



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Pronunciation: 'la-d&r
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hl[AE]der; akin to Old High German leitara ladder, Old English hlinian to lean -- more at LEAN
1 : a structure for climbing up or down that consists essentially of two long sidepieces joined at intervals by crosspieces on which one may step
2 : something that resembles or suggests a ladder in form or use; especially : RUN 11a
3 : a series of usually ascending steps or stages : SCALE <climbing up the corporate ladder>
- lad·der·like /-"lIk/ adjective


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Then there's the Jacob's electrical device using high-voltage AC current arcing between two diverging wires, where the heat of the arc drives the spark upwards until the air's resistance overcomes the electrical arcing ability, which causes the spark to re-start its arc at the bottom of the wires.

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