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Ladder characters have access to Ladder-only uniques and cube recipes. Hell difficulty is also harder on ladder.

Backdoor Bandit

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It may be obvious, but ladder allows you to compare you char to others. All characters are ranked in order of char type, lvl, and gathered exp. This is not the case on non-ladder.

Like mentioned above ladder allows to find special "ladder-only" items, some of which are very nice.

-Backdoor Bandit


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Masenko said:
It is also easier to get rich in ladder.

Edit: When you're just starting.

Could you explain this a little. Is it because of the ladder only items, cube recipes, and runewords or is it easier to find stuff on the ladder or what? Thanks.


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When they say "easier to get rich" it's because non-ladder accounts have been active for almost 3 years now, whereas the 1.10 ladder season started this past october. So there are fewer items in the economy than in the non-ladder realm.