Ladder Summon Necro


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-Prayer or Holy freeze merc?
-Insight runeword or just add points to energy? The necro himself shouldn't really need stat points and not using insight means the merc can possibly use a stronger weapon.
-I've never laddered before, is it realistic to expect to have enough runes for enigma. If not, should I use a charged staff on switch for teleport or are there better methods?
I bought a bone wand from Drognan +3, RS, CG, AD. I'll be using amplify instead of decrepify.


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-Neither; use Might merc
-You don't strictly need either; mana potions are there for a reason. That said, Insight makes for an excellent merc weapon, especially if you plan on spamming CE. Due to +critical strike, it provides some of the best damage of any merc weapon, as well. But if you like Infinity more so than insight, you should just settle for mana potions.
-Depends on how much you play/mf or how well you can trade. If you play regularly, enough things will drop in time such that ytou can trade for the runes. Something, something, something, lots of time, something, something inevitability, something....
-Use amp on everything except for bosses that are giving you a hard time or are baal (baal likes to not do things if he's slowed down enough). For those bosses and baal, use decrep