(Ladder-climbing) Trapper (maybe hybrid) Questions


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(Ladder-climbing) Trapper (maybe hybrid) Questions

I made pretty much the same topic in the Druid section for Wind Druids. I'm looking for a ladder-climbing character for the current season. Since the Assassin/Druid ladders are the lowest, I've decided it should be one of the two. Trapper and Wind seem to be the best PvM ones as well as being dominant PvP ones so I chose them.

For a trapper, how are hybrids and pure builds different in terms of game-play and ability (both PvM and PvP)? (I probably won't be PvPing much though.)

What would be optimal gear? (I have/can get most of the items I believe. It's probably going to be either pure or a whirlwind hybrid since I don't really know how being a kicker would help PvM at all. Even whirl probably isn't needed when Traps should kill fast enough that you won't need to whirl.)

How are assassins defensively? (I don't duel much or have ever made a high level one in 1.11. They don't seem as sturdy as anything besides a sorc.. Does weapon block help very much?)

Thanks. :smiley: As I said in the Druid topic, if this character gets on Ladder (probably will as long as the build is as strong as I think it is), I'll post a couple screenies.


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A trap/kicksin is better for PvM than a Trap/WWsin. The difference between play styles in PvM is basically how you handle immunes. If you want a good baaler, a pure trapper is the way to go. If you can use Infinity, any hybridizing in PvM is for style and fun, not max effectiveness.

The differences between trappers and hybrids in PvP are too drastic to really go into here. Read my or Speederlander's guide, then try and visualize dueling without the kicks, whirlwind, bow and/or dragon flight and you get a basic idea. They are totally different classes basically, a hybrid is mostly a WWsin who's traps hurt rather than stun. Don't go hybrid unless you want a challange or intend to do a LOT of PvP.

Assassins are very survivable. Against elemental characters, an assassin is one of the game's best tanks. My 4.2k life WWsin was generally an equal tank to my clan's BvC in team duels. Paladins are better tanks against blockable attacks, Barbs have more life, but the claw assassin is very balanced defensively, usually has a huge resist stack, can have good DR very easily, and blocks ALL attacks at 60%, which is unique in D2.


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Thanks. I have an Infinity so I'll just go pure Trap and then only duel someone once and leave for PvP. >_>

All right, I guess I won't PvP very much and keep going pure Trapper. I'll read the guides if I have time too I guess.

All right, that'll help with not dying so that I can keep my exp. =]

I have a few questions left though.

Is there anything similar to standard gear for Trap Sins? I was thinking something like:
Ber'd Shako or 2 Ber'd CoA or FCR Circlet (Trappers don't seem to have much FCR..)
2 Sin/20 FCR
2x Most + Lightning Sentry Possible Claws (IAS on main, FHR/defensive on offhand right?)
CTA/Spirit or Lidless on switch
Enigma (highest defense possible with gear without glitching)
IAS Gloves? (The PvM Trapper says Laying of Hands or rare/crafted. I have a pair of rare ones that would work, but I thought sins would still use Trang's/Magefist..)
(This is what the guide says again. Not sure whether I should FCR breakpoint this or not either..)
Treks or Waterwalks or Rare Boots (Not sure which again..)

Would it be worth it to teleport faster on the switch or maybe carry around a Wiz/Spirit or Lidless?

FCR Frames

Sorry for the gear text wall. ^^; Really not sure on anything. The guide(s) seem to say that resists is more important than DR but I'm not sure why. It says Um'd Shako or Um Shael'd/2 Um'd CoA..


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Ohh, that makes sense. I just found out that Fade gives DR. So, would you actually use Burst of Speed or Fade on a Trapper? I always thought they used BoS.


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BoS lets you lay traps nice and fast, which you can't do with Fade and Hoto. 102 FCR is a good thing for fast teleporting and still being tough. A nice way to get it is:

20 FCR Circlet
40 FCR Hoto
12+ FCR Ammy
20 FCR Belt
20 FCR Gloves

This lets you have a nice block and DR from a Stormshield. You could also use Spirit and CoA for a nice DR amount. Rare boots really help get you big resists with BoS on. Unless your ammy and circlet have nice resists on them you might be a little low. For the CoA either BerBer or x2 1x Resists/-15% req jewels are great.


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So I would use BoS? And, you suggest not to dual claw? I thought almost all sins were built to dual claw.. And.. your math seems off, the Ammy would only need 2 FCR..

Also, assuming that is just a teleporting set-up, I would need Dex that I wouldn't be putting points into for a ClawClaw sin. Str is also an issue in that case..


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102 FCR on a Claw/Claw sin is really annoying to get. You need a Valk to make it at all efficient, which means you need to perm out, which makes baaling very annoying. The claws are also annoying to get. Claw/Claw trappers are mostly for PvP, they CAN be better than W/S, but in terms of mid-range gear the W/S is a better choice.

Provided that this is PvM, huge life isnt such an issue. You'll do just fine with 3000 or so life. In PvP it's different, the setups are much more complex.

And yes, I can't add. :cry:


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Ah. I meant 102 FCR maybe by not teleing with Claw/Claw. I guess I could always not be the one teleporting much. The claws I could probably get eventually, maybe soon.

Anyway, would you know much about Wind Druids or have maybe seen them in baal runs or something? If so, do you think that a Wind Druid would be more appropriate/better for just ladder-climbing or not?