Ladder alternative?

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Lord Chaos

Diabloii.Net Member
Ladder alternative?

What if instead of mixing ladder characters in with the non-ladder(dupe/hacks/no ladder formulas), that Blizzard instead makes new ladders without removing the old one...this means a new ranking for those who want it, while those who have worked hard on their ladder characters and want to continue working on ladder characters will be able to stay there.

Just make it so that the "convert" button can turn older ladder character into non-ladder characters (but not visa versa) as long as the character is on an older ladder than the newest.

This way those who really want a reset gets what they want, while those who don't gets to keep their ladder.

Blizzard would just put a pulldown menu by the ladder checkbox on character creation where you select which ladder season you wish your character to be created on.

The only downside to this would be that it would complicate trade a little, but you would just go [L2] or [L3] instead of [L]

So, what do you think?


So right now we have just ladder and non-ladder.

With your idea we would have ladder, used-to-be-ladder, and non-ladder.

How would you make a used-to-be-ladder new character? Or would this economy just fade away because of the lack of additions of new characters?

I dont know if I want the ladder to end or not...I do know this...whatever happens, I dont want ladder thrown in the mix with current non-ladders and haev recipes disabled and all of a sudden your gonna have a bunch of ladder only items in the mix that never had them, nor can find/make them anymore. Items like, upgraded shaftstop or buriza, or many of the ladder only uniques done exist currently on non-ladder. If you just tossed the 2 together with non-ladder cube recipes and would be really stupid.

Lord Chaos

Diabloii.Net Member
Instead of just dismissing the idea plainly because you don't believe the ladder won't reset, how about making input assuming it will be reset?

Yes, it would mean there would be more than one ladder, and yes, I would continue on the old ladder, the only reason to go new ladder would be for ranking and for those who wants to experience starting over again.


Diabloii.Net Member
oh god i already have problems trading.. (no noone and i mean noone notices the big *** sign saying (NON-LADDER) in my trade shouts :p)

oh il give you 53 zod for that el
oops im ladder.. sorry