Lack of Lightning Resist killing me in Act 2


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Lack of Lightning Resist killing me in Act 2

Ive back to the game for the first time in 5 years or so and things have definately changed. It seems alot harder.

I have a level 22 paladin with several points saved so i can slam fanatacism when it becomes availiable. I dont have access to rushes or super equipment right now. Thing is the lightning monsters in act 2 are smoking me. I can kill andariel in 5 seconds but one walk into the rocky wastes or the tombs and im half dead pretty quick from the lightning bugs and monsters with lightning enchantments. Is there any way through this as my resist is only at 11?

My equip right now is a rare scepter called the Plague Bar. I have a Nokozan Relic amulet, Entropy Circle, and a rare circle that gives 77 to AR. I also use Cleglaw's shield which brings down poison length. Im just trying to survive until level 30 when i can bring the damage on these guys but its taking a ton of sewer and catacomb runs.



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Re: Lack of Lightning Resist killing me in Act 2

try to find shield with sockets and put diamonds in it, or if you are online play in a party and get in some tomb runs


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Re: Lack of Lightning Resist killing me in Act 2

This is a common problem for many chars, but has some very simple solutions:

- shop the gamble guy in act 2 for gloves and boots. (i usually get 20-30 light resist from each)
- use a pally shield as suggested, however adding diamonds will help with all resistances, not only lightning (for lightning only, use Topaz or Ort)
- pick and identify all rings; u can usually get one with 25-30 light resist
- get 1 perfect topaz and make a Coral ring (21-30 light resist)
- try to replace the circlet with a helm with Light resist (shop in town)

- add 1(2) point into Lightning resist (adding 2 will give u 1% max light res for the rest of that char's life)
- use a scepter with + to lightning resist (shop in town)

Of course there are other ways, but since you don't have access to rushes I assume you're restarting or something.
From the more expensive options I guess a 4 Perfect Diamond pally shield with some base resists will solve all your resist problems for normal.