L32 Zealot... PvP


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L32 Zealot... PvP

Can anyone advise me on skills?
I was thinking Fana, and of course Zeal, but beyond that I could use some help.
I plan on using a combination of (depending on who I'm fighting)...
Coldsteel Eye
Rockstopper/3 socket helm (dmg)
String/Death's Sash
Angelic Ammy/Rings
Whitstan's/4 Soc Targe (dmg)

Suggestions welcome!



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I'd max Fanat (3), 1 Holy Shield (prebuff with dual 'Spirit'), 1 Salvation, 1 Vigor, rest in Sacrifice.

If you can go to lvl 34 for Guillaume's that would help your damage out a bit. Of course at that lvl Coldsteel starts to lose out to some nice lvl 33 rares, so it may not be worth it depending on who you'll be dueling.

A 3os +life armor with max dmg jewels would be nice, as would a 4os %ed or resist-all pally shield with max dmg jewels.

Other than that it looks okay.


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Completed him... well... just about (just got a few lil' quests to do & a jewel or 2 to find)... and I gotta say, I love 'im. Really, really nice. Quite successful.
Thanks for the input Phat - 'specially with the dual Spirit suggestion (adds an extra 400 def).


m :smile: