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[L]Titanwolf test results

Discussion in 'Druid' started by Warmongers, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Warmongers

    Warmongers Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 7, 2006
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    [L]Titanwolf test results

    Ok, I tested the titanwolf on open Here are the stats/skills/gear and the results:

    Base strength: 345 (442 with SS/1h switch, 412 without SS, with gear)
    Base dex: 180 (250 with gear)
    Base vit: 25 (90 with gear) (Life base 203[stamina=464 with gear on] at level 96)
    Base energy: 20 (70 with gear) (mana base 210 (more than the life, hehe) at level 96)

    Max werewolf, lycanthropy, fury, oak sage, and rabies. 1 point into all prerequisites, and 3 more points into poison creeper by level 96. (All stats are by level 96, as well.)

    Charms: 13/15 annihilus, 17/15 druid torch (neater and more affordable than +20/xx with +20/xx, imo),
    2x 10 max/60AR/12%FHR GC's, 1x 5 max/40AR/8%FHR LC, 1x 5 res/5%FHR SC,
    7x 10 max/60AR/32 life GC's, 10x 17 life/5 res sc's.
    40 spaces total=#1. With 40 charm spaces taken up by charms, I have 817 unshifted life/2056 werewolf life/3122 spirited werewolf life. This should give you an idea of just how much the titanwolf relies on good/godly charms to survive, if you compare it with my base life you'll notice I get at least +300% of my life from charms. [also note that with eBotD and 2 dwarf stars, my werewolf life goes up to 2340 and my spirited werewolf life to 3530].

    PvM: Annihilus and Torch, 2 10max/12fhr charms, the fhr lc, the fhr sc, 3x 10max/60ar/32 life gc's, and 7x 17life/5 res sc's + fullish tome of TP/ID.
    This leaves exactly 2 full vertical rows to pick up 1x of the largest items in the game with. You will be able to nab 1 unid hydra bow/cryptic axe from every baal game, hehe.

    Jalal's Mane, Highlord's/Gores/45%ED+17 str Rends
    35 vit/15% DR Verdungo's, 2 Raven Frosts[20dex/234AR each]=*1,
    2 Angelic rings and amulet=*2,
    2 dwarf stars/wisp projectors+TGod's=*3,
    Fort Archon plate 1587 defense/28 resists/1.5 life per level.

    Weapons: Griswold's Caduceus, 340%ED @ 235%ED Base with 3x 35%ED/15%IAS jewels=%1,
    375%ED eBotD Berserker Axe (Grief damage won't show, so I don't know how much I do with it)=%2,
    ethereal Tomb Reaver @ 245%ED base with Zod + 1x 35%ED/15%IAS jewel and 1x 37%ED/15%IAS jewel=%3.

    #*%: all of the below are =#1, and are in wolf form using fury. No mercenary or party member auras (or hacks of any sort, other than a program that allows you to edit characters on open were used to come up with the below statistics or the above items/stats/skills.

    ^Rabies does only about 4,000 damage without death's web/PFacet monarch/bramble, so I won't list it. I simply maxed this skill so as to be able to duel casters a little more effectively (for example, wind druids who stunlock you with twister and tornado barrages at point blank range, and madly teleporting 200 FCR firesorcs who happen to get a little too close for their own safety). Truth be told, I wasn't expecting it to do that much damage, since I am more of a fury wolf than a rabies wolf, but it will still be effective on casters with a DWeb/20/20 monarch switch, assuming the bug still works. [Do monarchs add onto the death's web bug, or are they pretty useless, by the way?]

    *1: My attack rating is 18,124 with Griswold's, Grief and Tomb Reaver, and it is 19,796 with an exact replica of eBotD berserker axe.

    *2: My attack rating is 31,949 with the first three mentioned above, and 33,607 with eBotD Berserker Axe (not a huge difference from what I can make of it).

    *3: My attack rating is 12,435 with the first three mentioned above, and 14,903 with eBotD Berserker Axe.

    %1: Fury damage is 2414-3962 with the 4 fpa Griswold's Caduceus. Not too great, but it's much faster than 5 fpa weapons.

    %2: Fury damage is at I have no idea for grief, and 2597-8678 with eBotD berserker axe +375%ED. That's about ~65% more constant damage than with a 400%ED one, but it seems quite slow, especially for the first attack frame. And slow = dead, or at least when 1.09 was out that was the case. But then again we didn't have things with this huge of a damage back then either, so I'm going to give eBotD and 380+ grief phase blade a tie with the caduceus, until I get to duel someone's fury wolf.

    %3: with Dracul's and Fort on, as with the above calculations, I do 2829-~14K with ethereal 317%ED (far from perfect, so as not to be too dishonest with my closed purchasing ability) Tomb Reaver, and ~3k-~15K with Steelrends on instead of Dracul's. But, I wouldn't bother with Steelrends unless you're dueling people, because the drac's will help a lot for PvM, especially DClone/Ubers. With this thing, you will be able to kill any caster in 1-2 hits unless they have 23%+DR and 1500+ life already, and any druid in 1-~4-5 hits, depending on their uberleetness.

    So far, I like the titanwolf, except for the noted lack of life without 3/20/20's. My final evaluation on the 4 fpa/5 fpa weapon choice will be posted once I get to duel a 40-50k defense eth death cleaver zealot, a fury wolf with similar gear, a WWSin, a WWBarb, and all sorts of casters/trapsins.

    Final note: If any of the mods have something against open character editors, or it somehow goes against the blizzard's EULA, please close or delete this thread promptly if you feel so inclined.
  2. olwe

    olwe Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 11, 2006
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    Excuse the newb question since I've never made a titan wolf variant, but are these even viable in a real duel with such low life? Do you just hope you get a hit in early in the duel?
  3. Osmium

    Osmium Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 9, 2006
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    nope.........not viable..........but fun through.........

  4. stifmeizter

    stifmeizter Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 17, 2006
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    well i think they're viable :)

    but you'll need 37 x 3/20/20s or something like it :) and a good 2 hand switch against casters and smiters... i actually think titan wolves would be kind of cool vs smiters with a doom gpa doing past 10k dmg with slow... i'm on the testing phase right now :)

  5. xpumafangx

    xpumafangx Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 20, 2003
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    1.Your doing around just as much damage as i do with a vita build.

    2. Since your on openbnet you should make a jewelers of the whale 160/28fhr armor. Try that out it should help out alot with your life.

    3. You have too much dex. It takes 222 at lvl 99 to get a 75% block rate with a stormsheild. Not 250

    4. Know this, you can put tp scrolls in your belt and use cain to id the items you find.

    5. Now if you really really really need the resists never forget the power of lvl 15 fade.

    6. titens tend to be more for pvp vers melee and not pvm, or pvall. So you shouldnt need to really think about resist all that badly.

    7. You can free up your belt with a lvl 15 fade and use a trang-ouls belt to give you more life and cannotbefrozen.

    8. Titens are valuable for pvp melee. Infact if you do this one better you can do alot better then a vita werewolf. Even a dex builds are cool. But those are for like godly eth rare fanged knifes.

    9. A friend of mine is making a titen on nonladder west and they can get theyre guy up to 6k life with a maxed oak, and bo. Try that out.

    10. Titens are for the really really really rich players try not to make one using slightly poorer items. Like you just did.

    11. Thats all I can think of for now.

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