[L] Is my blizz sorc the best as can be?


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[L] Is my blizz sorc the best as can be?

I have heard the a blizz sorc is the fastest for mfing Meph, but I mainly do Andy runs considering that I have issues living in Durance 3 (since the high lords are cold immune). I am not rich enough to get the needed merc gear, so I don't even use one. My skills are as follows.

20 blizz
20 in ice bolt
20 in ice blast
I think 10 or so in Glacial Spike
I think a little under 10 in Cold Mastery
I am doing the bug runs, so it's hard to get a higher lvl since no baal runs, so my Cold Mastery might be stuck right now

Normal Gear:
32 Viper
33 Spirit Monarch
44 Travs
30/55 Goldwrap
Manald ring
fcr/res ring
Saracen amy
vamp Gaze

MF Gear:

50 Eth Shako
95 Skulder
75 Baba
20 Milabrega shield
32 Chancies
24 mf ring
34 mf amy
44 travs
30 goldwrap
37 gheed's

This gives me a total of 441 mf. Is this enough to get good drops from Andy, since I mainly do Andy runs?

Also, is there a better build for Meph and Andy runs?


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Nope, for Meph and Andy runs, a Blizz sorc is the best. A pure fire sorc will kill Andy faster but Blizzard is more than enough to kill her quickly as well; and Blizz has a hugn advantage at Meph and other areas.

That's a lot of MF, surely enough to get some decent gear. Just make sure you always maintain 63 FCR, for safe Teleporting speed. A good idea is get to the boss with Wiz + Spirit then switch to MF weapon + shield for the final hits.


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If you're truly concerned about speed, then I assume you're tele'ing. And the gear you have is more than enough to survive tele'ing from durance 2 to durance 3.

I'm pretty sure you can tele to durance 3 faster than to catacombs 4. If you're going for strict efficienty, run meph over and over.


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If you're going for strict efficienty, run meph over and over.
and prolly get temp banned in the process..

its not that hard to level and bug sorc.. try raiding ancient tunnels for lvls. i got to 93 with my sorc without any fuss in previous ladder.

i maxed out my cold mastery on that sorc but hey.. who counts it if it gets the job done nicely :thumbsup:



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welp, this was a lost cause, because I just accidentally completed the meph q, so, whatever