[L/Esc] Spinz New Iso/Updated FT v2.1


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[L/Esc] Spinz New Iso/Updated FT v2.1

Finally got enough keys to start running keysets/torches. Need to get my Smiter built.

Trades will be my mule. Also I will be not have access after Monday for a while, so need to complete trades before Monday night.

ISO: Smiter Gear!
2x Cheap, cheap torches (any) - Just want for the all res mostly.
HKey (4 a Tkey?)
Currency - runes/pgems

FT items - ignore []

Crafted Items:
VBone GLoves - lvl 47 - 3ll/ 5 crushing blow/31 ED/5 Dex/11 Liefe/5 PR
Amulet - lvl 70 - 1 Shadow/10 FCR/20 Dex/12 mana/10 regen mana/36 CR
Amulet - lvl 52 - +2 Necro Summon/9fcr/22mana/9 allres/9 regen mana

Socketed Items:
3 os Dusk Shroud - def 444 [WB]
4 os +2 Mat Bow [MO]
3 os Eth Kraken Shell - Def: 1023 - Useful or charsi?
0 os Monarch - def 143

Rare Circlet - +2 Pally/30 FRW/50 posion over 5/5ll [set]
Rare Circlet - +1 Cold/84 ED/20 Energy/20ares [Set]
Rare Gloves - 2 Passive/3ll/66ED/15 Dex/12mf - Def: 19 [MO]

Mosers Blessed Circle shield - Def: 178 - 218ED [MO]
Skuldiers Ire - 184% - Def: 692 [WB]
Ormus Robe - 15% Fire +3 Inferno Def: 467
Viperfork (Mancatcher) - 240EDmg/240AR/49PR [Mo]
Kiras - 105/54ares - Def: 150

4x Suffering
3x Hatred
1x Terror
1x Desctruction

+1 Warcries/22life gc [craft]
+1 Shape Shift/6str gc [craft]
+1 Barb Combat/5 lifeg gc [MO]
+1 Curses [set]
29CR/39GF gc [smite]

Set Items:
IK Maul - 39% CB [MO]
IK Belt
Trang Armor [set]
Nat Helm [set]
Griz Armor - def: 949 [WB]

3x Ko
14x Sol
15x Amn
11x Ort
7x Tal
10x Thul
5x Nef
Currency runes (Mal/Ist/...) - but saving towards runewords

35x pgems (no Pamy or Pruby)
2x Pamy
9x PRuby

12x Magic Amulets (all hell level)
1x Magic Vampirebone Gloves
8x JJ
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Re: [L/Esc] Spinz New Iso/Updated FT v2.1

nicro tower: sounds good. Shoot me a mule please.

johnmaa: I am not real thrilled with that offer, but if no one offers something on the lower 3 os Armor, I will do that trade.


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Re: [L/Esc] Spinz New Iso/Updated FT v2.1

TurinT: Thanks, but I already got my Guillames. I still need Dracs, but I don't want to spend an Um on them.