[L] closing one account. trades inside

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[L] closing one account. trades inside

Hello all,

Here is the stuff from one of my accounts that I'm closing.

5os Ghost Spear
Duriels Shell (162%, open socket)
War Travelers (33%mf, 183%ed)
+3 traps amulet
Nosferatus Belt (7%/perfect leech)
Natalya’s Set: Boots
Chance Guards: 29% mf

Sigon’s Set: Boots, gloves, helm, belt
Charm: +11 resist all [GC] lvl 10
Charm: +12% FHR [GC]
Jewel: -15% req / +13% light resist
WARCRY skiller (+1-28 light dmg
WARCRY skiller
Charm: +10 resist all [GC] lvl 10
Jewel: +14 max dmg (lvl 18)
Gheeds Fortune (157%, -11%, 39%mf)
Disciple Set: Full set
Bul-Kathos sword set: Full set
Tal-Rasha’s set: mask
Ravenfrost: +203 AR / +20 DEX
Rare Dual Leech ring: 5% mana/life steel, +72 mana, +13% cold resist, -2 magic dmg

Hwanins Set: polearm, belt, helm
Bonesnap (ETHEREAL) 290% ed
Gheeds Fortune (134%, -10%, 21%mf)
Manald Heal (6%)
Jewel: -15% req
Magefists (ETHEREAL) 24% ed
Angelic Set: ring
Eye of Etlich amulet
Andariels visage (open socket) 114%ed +29 str
Eaglehorn (perfect ed 200%)
OFFENSIVE aura skiller
Arcanna’s Set: full
Disciples Set: gloves
Carrion Wind: 7% leech
Gore Riders 191%ed
Leviathan (1612 def, +41 str, perfect DR 25%)
Highlords amulet
Vamp Gaze (7%, 8%, 17%dr)
Spire of Honor 166ed

Aldurs Set: Armor, Helm, Boots x 2
Highlords amulet
Vamp gaze (7%, 7%, 16% DR)
Tearhaunch boots
2os grim helm (58 str lvl 25 req)
sigons set: gloves, shield
manald heal: 7%
bladebuckle belt
ravenfrost (+229ar / +20dex)
Seraphs Hymn amulet (2/2)
Chance Guards (32%)
Jalals Mane 181ed

Skulders Ire 187ed, pTopaz
Tal Rasha’s Set: Mask
M’Avinas set: belt
Trang-ouls set: shield
Djinn Slayer (2os, 205%ed, 4%mana leech, +6 light sorb)
Bloodfist gloves
Orphans Set: gloves
Cleglaws Set: gloves
Nagelring 30%
String of Ears (14%DR, -12 magic dmg)
Immortal King: belt
Sigons Set: armor

Charm: 8% resist all [LC] lvl 26
Sigons set: helm
Immortal Kings: Helm x 2, Belt
Orphans Set (Guillaumes): helm
Gimmershred X2 (186% and 191%)
Disciple Set: gloves
Cathans Set: ring
Razortail Belt (has pierce)
Ravenfrost (+222 ar / +17 dex)
Toothrow armor 161%ed
+3 warcry sword
+2 warcry sword

+15 life small charms (lvl 17 req only) as a general rule, i value them at lem each unless they have second mods (like dmg/ar/mana/etc)
+20 life small charms
fire skillers (with life preferred)
+16-20 max dmg jewels (2nd mods also desirable, of course)
lvl 30 or under trap claws (must include +2 traps AND +2 to +3 light sentry)
i'm NOT very interested in pgems unless it is a small item that is worth 1-2 pgems (space is at a premium) so would prefer several small-ish item trades for a small-ish rune, etc
SOJS. <---always looking for these.
other lvl 30 and under RARE items that include +skills, high dmg, high life/mana, etc. If you have something and are unsure if I'm interested, please ask. :thumbsup:
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for looking,



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WarEagle said:
LVL 17req - 15life 5FR SC

i like the Levi or the dual leech ring and goreriders
Thanks for the offers but I value the perf DR levi at around mal-ish and would like see where the dual leech ring goes after seeing some of the other threads in this forum (and other forums). Was thinking it could go for pul+ but someone please correct me if i'm wrong. ;)



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Homun for gore's and guillames?

let me know if you want more for these, I'm not exactly very savvy trading wise



please let this go for a bit so I can offer more if need be, I'll check tomorrow morning


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Venrae said:
Homun for gore's and guillames?
price guide claims PUL for gore riders although i find that to be a little on the high side. I'd rather avoid items that aren't on my ISO list. How about a LEM rune for the pair?

REMOVED FROM TRADE: Pally Offensive aura skiller

edit - actually, would you take 2x 20 life sc per wc skiller? im not sure if i can do that twice though, i might need to replace one with pul or something.



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tinncann25 said:
wow i dont kno how i missed this one
the "ammy" is actually a circet sry
In that case, it does sound intriguing! Anything you like on my list? Just let me know, we're work something out.
itsPizzarific said:
edit - actually, would you take 2x 20 life sc per wc skiller? im not sure if i can do that twice though, i might need to replace one with pul or something.
that sounds good to me. I'm ready when you are. I *think* I also have another warcry skiller on another acct if you're interested in all 3

I'm on bnet too btw,



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no longer ISO 20 life SC's. just completed a trade that maxed out the only character that i have that will use them. (sorry Pizza :( )


add to ISO: 10 life small charms with lvl 14 req.

tinncann25: I am unable to get ahold of you on bnet because I don't have your screen name. Would still love to see that circlet. I"m getting closer and closer to making my trapper.



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Sansear said:
What rune you want for the BK Sword set?
Does a PUL or a couple of LEM's sound fair for them? Just LMK, we'll work something out. I'm easy to get along with. :D



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sorry I missed you on bnet. I was afk typing emails for work. :D Mal for the PnB and Mal for the Levi sounds great. I could take the IST (as offered) but would prefer the Mals. Either way, sounds good. Just hit me up next time you're on. I finally /w ya back, but you had already left.




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xTheCheaTx said:
2x 15 life scs for 39 mf gheeds?
Nother pul or 2 more lifers and its a deal.
m3spoon said:
what do you want for the 48's ?
I'd take a pgem offer, os Sigons shield or helm, or a socket quest for my sigons shield and helm (don't ask. :lol: )

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