[L] Big items list


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[L] Big items list

ISO is at bottom. Letters in {} are for my use.

All reasonable offers accepted!



Crescent Moon - 13 ML, 4 LL {a}
-5/4 Fire Level Facet
Wisp Projector - 12% mf, 10 Lightning Absorb {g}


Bonehew - 281 ED {b}
Bonehew - 291 ED {d}
Bonehew - 314 ED {f}
Ethereal Edge {d}
Nord's Tenderizer - 302 ED, 3 Cold Duration, 14 Cold Absorb {c}
Wizardspike x2 [d, e]
Firelizard's Talons {d}
Ume's Lament {e}
Gull {e}
Windhammer {e}
Ondal's Wisdom - +3 skills, 536 def, 44 to energy {f}
Chromatic Ire - 25% to life, resist all 35 {f}
Bartuc's {f}
Reaper's Toll {g}
Buriza {g}
Zakarum's Hand {g}


Stormshield x2 [c, ne]
The Ward - 45 resist all {c}
Leviathan - 1674 def, 21% dr {c}
Ormus' Robes - +3 Lightning, 12% cold dmg, 14% lightning dmg {f}
Ormus' Robes - +3 Blizzard, 14% cold dmg, 11% lightning dmg, 11% fire dmg {g}
Shaftstop - 198% Edef {f}
Duriel's Shell - 194 ED {g}
Gladiator's Bane - 168 ED, 18 DR, 18 MDR {g}
Vipermagi - 35% Resist All, 11 MDR {g}
Gerke's Sanctuary (233 ED, 23 Resist all, 11 DR, 18 MDR) {ne}


Goldwrap - 51% gold find {d}
String of Ears - 7ll, 15% dr, 12 mdr {e}
Waterwalk {e}
Crown of Thieves - 10ll, 186 ed, 86% gold find {f}
Blackhorn's Face
Jalal's Mane - 194 ED {f}
Dracul's Grasp - 9ll - Ethereal {f}
Gore Riders - 174 ED {ne}
Snowclash {ne}

Socketed Items / Socketables


0os Berserker Axe {ne}
3os Ogre Axe
4os Superior Flail (13% Edmg)
4os Knout
4os Dimensional Blade
4os Crystal Sword x2
5os Superior Crystal Sword (1 max dmg, 10% enhanced durability)
5os Ward Bow
6os Crusader Bow
6os Crystal Sword


0os Dusk Shroud (466 ed)
0os Etheral Wire Fleece (660 def)
3os Hellforge Plate (518 def)
4os Kraken Shell (467 def)


3os Monarch


158/35/12 Gheed's
7% MF / 1-3 Fire SC
+1 Summoning (necro) GC


Many crafting runes


Tal's Orb with +2 cold mastery *DISO*
Cheap Sorc Torch (10/10 is fine)
Spirit Monarch
Faith Hydra Bow

Currency (pgems, runes Pul+)

Account is *srox - Thanks for looking!


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Re: [L] Big items list

2 cold tal orb for the white zerker lmk - on now *rata-man


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Re: [L] Big items list

I'm not really looking to buy anything atm, but I have a 30% FCR Spirit Monarch in my trade thread for 15 pts.

15 pts = 15pgem, 5pam, or 1 pul. Combinations of pgems and Pams are fine too.


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Re: [L] Big items list

rata - sounds good - I tried to send you a /w but no response. I'll try again in an hour or so. Feel free to send a mule if that would be easier.

koreanzombie - I'll think about that. I may hold onto it because it's the best Gheed's that I've found so far.

edistotiger - thanks, i'll look into it.


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Re: [L] Big items list

ISO: bloodthief, stealskull, darkglow. Got Homunculus for trade

here's the picture of the hommy

whisper me /w *tobias_i_d