Kursat Mercenary


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Kursat Mercenary

I have a question about hte mercenaries in act 3. I'm using a cold mercenary but I was wondering how you increase his attack. I mean he never uses his sword, but does his attack actually get better if you use a say poison socketed sword?


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The damage it says Very rarely matters... he'll only use it 10% of the time when given the opportunity. It's his Skills that make the difference.

To increase his damage, get +All Skills. They're the only ones that work in 1.10

You can also get fast cast so he attacks quicker.

Poison, or any damage one his sword won't help his skills.


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Give him + to cold skill items... or + to all skills... I THINK (not sure about this one) that + sorc skills items might work.


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Gear with +all skills, +cold skills (maybe), -enemy cold resistance, +cold damage and faster cast rate gear are the only big ways to increase his damage.

EDIT: If alain says only all skills work, then he's right.


SnowDrake said:
Give him + to cold skill items... or + to all skills... I THINK (not sure about this one) that + sorc skills items might work.
+ Sorcs skills wont work cuz its not a sorc...


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If there aren't swords which give him bonuses to his spells, you could give him a sword with bonus to resists, e.g. Silence or (not sure if he can wear it, as it's a dagger) Wizardspike - which would give him fcr as well, but I'm not sure as well if fcr works on mercs. Otherwise give him the fastest weapon available. If he decides to go into melee out of his stupidity, he would at least be through with that a little quicker.


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Not pointless... exactly the opposite.

Culwen's Point. Unique War Sword.
+1 to All skills
Poison Length Reduced By 50%
20% Increased Attack Speed
20% Faster Hit Recovery
+60 to Attack Rating

Good start.

Wiz Spike can't be used... Silence is excellent if it can be acquired.

For Low budget, a 6 socket Crystal Sword with +Life jewels is useful. You could get +120life with 6 nice jewels for a reasonable price.

FCR works wonderfully on mercs:

Sin... why do I get the feeling you were about to post a copy of an old 1.09 Merc Skill guide I once made??


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Hey thanks for the reply everyone, now i have to curse myself for not thinking to use that +1 to skills circlet on him.