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Good day Hardcore Untwinked Enthusiasts!

So guys, as the title suggests we wanted to try something a bit gimped for the next run build-wise, but tons of fun (we hope!)

me: KTA-Librasulus; FoH Paladin
Krupa: KTA-Gimp; Poison Dagger/Fire Golem Necro
Zinkydink: KTA-Zinkydink; Fire Trapsin
asdfgah: KTA-Atylwyth; Cold Druid

Let's see how far we can get with less-than-damaging builds! If you want in guys, here are the rules:-

1) We play every Monday, from 7:00pm (1900) to 9:00pm (2100) UK Time, most European players should add 1-2 hours onto that for time difference!

2) We play untwinked, full clears with all quests completed in each act.

3) Items are to be shared equally and given according to needs of the current party builds etc; if a charm drops, take it and I.D it by all means, but if you find a 6% Fire Res charm and yours is already in the 50's and you are a caster, check to make sure someone else (like a melee-er) isn't in the 20's etc...it's all amicable play, with the idea in mind of being a strong party!

4) If you decide to join our merry band, please make sure you are there as often as possible...if you think you can't really do Monday's as your schedule is too hectic, don't sign up, sorry. Blunt, I know, but it's just rather a bad thing to have a group of 6 in theory and end up playing with half that most of the time. Absence is usually posted in the thread beforehand with reason so it's never a problem but excuses of "I could not be bothered" don't cut it...commit people!

5) We meet in channel KTA before each session to discuss, mule off items before playtime commences etc and if the channel is empty, you are late and we are in-game already! The game name and password is given in-channel so please arrive promptly.

6) Members of the old run get priority placement on the new run

7) I manage the runemule which holds the runes for the run and post screenshots with contents on request. Joe (Krupa) handles the gem-mule.

8) Most of all, we respect each other and have FUN. We are out to kick the minions of Hell in a challenging way, why not do it as a group of mates eh?!
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Sadly Krupa could not join us for the start as he had work commitments so we pressed on.
We managed to get to level 15, Outer Cloister waypoint, with some insane drops from the off! Bishibosh dropped Pelta Lunata, Coldcrow dropped Bane Ash, Underground Passage Super Chest dropped Biggin's Bonnet, Countess triple dropped Tal, Nef and El and an Arctic Belt popped out from a Champ Ghost in the same room as her. A great start!


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Hey Guys - will watch this one with interest! - MrKaxe and I were chatting about me joining in and I was thinking about a blaze/enchant/thunderstorm melee soso and getting to 15 ready - but thinking about it my g/f works late on mondays and I'm looking after her daughter - the good news is that the shift she works is only for a short period so hopefully I can join in the next one! - Hope everyone is well and see you on battle.net


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Will try to recap the events of Monday.

We stomped through the rest of Act 1 and into Act 2 to pick up the Cube and the Staff from the Maggot Lair. Damage doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment and we have enough variation to overcome most things right now. No hairy moments yet. :)

We got an Umbral Disc drop for us randomly, Andy dropped some Hsarus Boots and an Arctic Belt.

Iirc there was no other notable drops.

This coming Monday we will move on to the Lost City and hopefully should be able to puah through to Act 3.


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Not updated for a while so here is quick one; we did Act 3 and 4 with no trouble and now we are set to rescue Anya. Builds have started to take off now we are past level 30!