KTA Kills Thousands of Abominations


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KTA Kills Thousands of Abominations


Figured we'd give a nice li'l write up for those still interested =)

With our Paladin still MIA and Hulla getting an edumacation, our intrepid band of weary wanderers has dwindled down to 5. Yet fear not, for our tale is one of marvel and progress and utmost domination ! *hears breaths being drawn in*

Starting where we left off, we explored the ruined city of Kurast. Storming through the last part, we explored some sewers (dolls! stink! icky bodypart!) and a ruined temple. Lugging the log back to town we gained some more stat points. Always welcome.

We proceeded to kick the Council's ass, though it very nearly kicked Eury's (iirc). That wee li'l death explosion left the Druid on 10 HP. :eek:

But have no worries, for this tale shall feature no deaths other than the monsters trying to stop our brave li'l band from reaching their goals !

After wandering through the Durance for hours (geez that thing is big on NM! whoah - more dolls! including a fanat pack!), we finally proceeded to kick Meph's rear end. Seriously, for an act boss you might at least expect some difficulty in defeating him. Static + Overpowered Group wailing on boss = deeds for Meph.

(Seriously, Lightning Sorc + Wind Druid + WW Barb + Melee Sin + Bonemancer = gg)

Meph proceeded to drop crap like usual (Sigon's Shield was the best iirc).

Someone hacked the map in act IV, because the exit was right next to town. So onwards we went with great anticipation (gloams!) - anticipation two brand spanking new skill points ! Well, that weird blue guy died before he could blink...

Onwards we continued to Hellforge... after doing it five times (with one close call when a certain someone *cough*meleesin*cough* trapped the waypoint, nearly doing the Bonenecro in) we now had a full Lionheart, a Shael and a Lum, as well as a Lem we found earlier on. Adding to this is a Dol I found in normal cows when trying to level my idio-- erm, merc a bit.

We proceeded through CS with caution (Hey! Did we have a Trapsin ?) and killed Diablo with as little effort as Mephisto. He was kind enough to drop a dual res, 20% frw pair of boots.

We ran through the Bloody Hills and stomped on Shenk and Eldritch before calling it a day.

Levels range is about 58-60 iirc. I suppose we could make it 62 or so for those who want to do a couple Shenk runs.


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Oh dear, Aerath, I bless the fact thet you have some free time :D
Though you probably bless it less ;)
Wonderful story :clap: !!! Makes me feel better after that painful loss of my 91 assassin.


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Onwards we continued to Hellforge... after doing it five times (with one close call when a certain someone *cough*meleesin*cough* trapped the waypoint, nearly doing the Bonenecro in)

:D c'mon, I warned y'all :D

Nice story btw! Kicking along nicely, but the true test of power (hell) is yet to come.


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oki, my project is kickin along nicely, and if we can work something out in the weekend about boostin my char to where the rest of you are, i could join up monday :D lemme know what you think


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No clue Ben - it'll be a bit more, but you're more than welcome =)
(This is on Europe btw ;))

And Hulla - sure thing :)
Otherwise we'll just have to get you up n running on the monday eve.