KTA - (K)Classic Them All


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(1) Great, what days/times do you play? For how long?

(2) What do you need? In the post you linked there was everything but a necro, and a gent deciding whether or not to to play a dagger necro.

(3) Does "melee" include damaging utility skills like CE and static field?


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There might be some confusion. If you are referring to my post and the link in that post: it's about a different group game, at the Amazon Basin. Me and @ioupainmax are posting in this thread on a regular base because of the similarities between the two group games: both HC, both untwinked, both on Monday evenings.

So I'm not sure which of the two you are talking about joining?


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T72on1 is correct here.

This thread is for the KTA (Kill Them All) Group, which is MrKaxe, Talman, asdfgah, Krupa and myself. We play on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. (UK Time) until 9 p.m.

All runs are Hardcore, Untwinked with the aim of getting from Act 1 Normal to Act 5 Hell.

The current theme is Classic (Only 4 Acts) and we are using non-conventional builds (or just not cookie cutter)

MrKaxe: Static/Nova Sorc
Krupa: Poison Necro
Asdfgah: Zerker Barb
Talman: Avenger Paladin
Me: Bonemancer

Like @T72on1 said, the Amazon Basis HC Runners post here as well due to the similarities and because we're all friends here and want to know how we're all getting on in our runs.

Depending on which group you want to run with will depend on where you let yourself be known. If your interested in KTA then it's here, and I assume for the Amazon Basin group you'll need to apply over there.

Anyway, new players are always welcome at KTA and I'm sure at the Amazon Basin it's the same. :)


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9 - 11 pm CET time, also on Mondays. So one hour later than KTA if I have my time zones right.


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Morning Diabloers. :)

KTA resumed last night. Starting off where we finished last time at the Quest for Deckard Cain. Act 1 Nightmare has been pretty quick to get through and we haven't experienced many problems at all, blitzing through most of the areas. We grabbed Cain, Killed the Countess, Cleared the Pit, Smashed the Smith and then ran off to fight Andariel who fell incredibly quickly after being Decrep'd, Static'd, Conviction'd and taking a heavy beat sticking.

No notable drops at all last night apart from a couple of Tancred's Picks. :confused:

We are now at the start of Act 2 Nightmare.

Unfortunatly Krupa couldn't be with us last night but will hopefully be back with us next week.

I can't remember what Level we finished up at... :D

I still need a better wand.... :eek:


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Morning All!

So.... Monday night KTA resumed last night. Unfortunatly Mr Kaxe was unable to join us , but will hopefully be with us next week.

The evening started out with us zipping down to batter Andariel once more to help Krupa catch up, after he battered through Act 1 NM alone I believe.
We started Act 2 and headed off to the Sewers to kill Radament. No major issues there, although there was a couple of Cursed, Extra Strong monsters that hit pretty hard.
We ran out in to the dusty desert after that, and started in to the Halls of the Dead for the clear out as well. We got to the Far Oasis and into the maggot lair where we got the staff, again no glaring issues.
My PC then started to lag horribly so I stuck to the back and was luckily carried by the rest of the group until things seemed to settle.
We entered the Lost City and cleared the ancient tunnels and then onward to the CLaw Viper Temple. We reached the doorway to Level 2 to grab the amulet and at that moment my internet decided it had had enough for the evening and disconnected me.
The guys grabbed the amulet and the run ended.

No notable drops last night. Talman gave me a couple of PDiamonds to pop in to my 3os Kite Shield so currently sitting on Max Res.
I'll catch up at some point to grab the amulet, and then next week we will aim to hit Duriel and hopefully start Act 3.

Everyone is around Level 45.

And....... as usual.... I still need a better wand.... :S


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Just wanted to add an update after the catch up session that we had yesterday and some additional news.

Krupa is going to be absent for a little while due to work commitements but gets to go and party in New York for a bit. :D

Everyone is now up to speed and we are ready to go down in to the Arcane Sanctuary and make a start on finishing Act 2.

We had some nice drops during the catch up which included a SteelDriver Great Maul (Which went to Talmie) and a 10 FCR, 27 Lightning Res Ring. There were also a few other nice bits and pieces with life and res.

And..... I FINALLY shopped a reasonable wand with +2 Necromancer Skills.

The run will continue this evening. More News tomorrow!


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Back in with the Monday update.

Well.... what an evening it was... We quite literally stomped all the way through the rest of Act 2. We cleared the Arcane Sanctuary and then went on a Tomb Run before killing Duriel in a very quick fashion.
We went on to Act 3 and made a start. Picking up the Jade Figurine and then grabbing Khalims Eye. We managed to bust our way through to the Flayer Jungle and cleared the Swampy Pit to end the run. Picking up all the waypoints along the way.

The combination of everyone's skills is currently flattening everything in our path with little to no bother at all. At the moment the thought is that it's not if we'll make it to Act 4 Hell but how quickly we'll get through it. Talk has already begun about the next theme.
But... As we all know in Hardcore... The minions of Hell are not to be taken lightly and the dreaded deeds is alway lurking in the back of our minds.

Everyone is currently sitting at around Level 55.

MrKaxe still doesn't have a shard.... :confused:.

Act 3 NM will resume next Monday where I fully expect us to finish Act 3 and potentially make a start on Act 4.


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Hi All,

Unfortunately the run had to be cancelled again last night due to work/life commitments but we hope that it will be back on again next Monday and that we will continue to roll on through Act 3 NM.


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Good Morning Diabloers!

The KTA Run resumed last night and everyone had a great time.

We took a quick back track and ran through the end of Act 2 so that we could keep Krupa with us, and then started where we left off last time.

We quickly grabbed the Gidbinn and then went in search of the Brain and the Heart of Khalim. It didn't take long as we zipped through the rest of the Kurast jungles and then in to the city proper to grab Lam Esen's Tome on the way to see the Council.
The council was an interesting one and @Talmie took a HUGE whack to his health bar, coming about as close to death as we've seen in the run so far. Needless to say we got healed up and headed in to the Durance to face down Mephisto.
He didn't stand long at all against the force of Static and hefty beat sticks. So quickly he fell that I didn't even get a chance to cast Decrepify.

We entered Act 4 feeling pretty good and decided to go and take down Izual to get the extra skill points. He also fell quickly and we seem to be clearing areas pretty easily. The mixture of Battle Orders, Corpse Explosion and Nova as well as Conviction is pretty mental. We paused at the City of The Damned Waypoint ready to go down and destroy the Soulstone and face down with Big D Himself next week.

Some nice drops last night. We now have a Partial Iratha's set, another Manald Heal, a Necro Skiller Amulet, some juicy Rare Plate Mail and a Rattlecage.

Everyone is around Level 57.

The run resumes next Monday and the Journey in to Hell awaits.