KTA- Anyone still out there?


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Got back to the game after a long time, and was wandering if any Old (or new) KTA:rs still play? I would love to run a KTA game!



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Apologies for the double post!

So I died to complete stupidity tonight, had me cracking up big time!
Act 2, Palace Cellar 2, Blackleach Blade drops. Joe is comparing it to his current Merc wep, Pierre Tombale Couant, and decides to stick with it's 55% DS instead of the 8% LL and Weaken proc of the Bill. I have enough Str due to Spirit Monarch to put it on my switch, where I had nothing, and decide to take a swing at the next grouping of monsters to proc the Weaken, quite forgetting my character has very little resistances, defence and suchlike due to being a Trapper...2-shotted by the magic-imbued Undead Archers!

2 weeks from now we will be starting a new run guys, I'll make a discussion thread now :)