KTA - A picture says more than a thousand words


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Yea, something killed Aerath on a countess run with me and Waflob :/ This edition is jinxed...


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Yup... lazy juv finger is what caused it...

sign 1: merc croaks from full health to dead in one hit
sign 2: empty mana bulb
sign 3: 50 life or so in life bulb

*hm* :scratch:

Maybe I should hit a reju--- *deeds*

2 boss packs, maybe three. Probably 2 goat bosses, and perhaps an archer squad as well. No clue what they were modded with.


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Ooouuuchhhh.... :(

What is the status then? Do you still have any active/living players in this session at all?


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Nex has got his Barb still, Waflob is still using his Bonemancer.

Melamise rebuilt his assassin, eury is using a paladin of some sort.

Think I might pick up my Frenzybarb to finally get him to a level close to the Azurewrath I wanted to plunk on him.

His gear is good, but according to the other two not that excessive...

Crescent Moon phase blade, Lawbringer *erm*... elite sword.
Gloom Hauberk that I took from the KTA Wolfy. Just some other gear that's a bit more twinked than other pieces... IK Boots/Belt/Gloves and an Arreat are slightly more unlikely to drop. Rare amulet, Raven and rare ring =)

His DPS is slightly low (300-1k and 300-800 or so frenzy), but not having to worry about AR (-50% Defense and ITD) + still 8k or so AR helps a lot.
+20% chance to trigger Decrep, or a 7% chance to cast a big static... and Gloom's got Dim Vision chances when hit...

He's fun. =)


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Maybe, just maybe, we go do that 7 sets KTA session to finish it all off in a neat manner.


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Ankeli said:
and mouse's little sister i believe.
Please, if you're going to say something that hilarious, warn me beforehand so I'm not drinking anything when it is said.

On a side note-Burnnnn!


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The switch has been made for me, maybe my title now makes it clear for me finally as well. I am now also just a humble DiabloII.net member.

My Silver Pal status now only exists on Worldofwar.net forums. :(

Well..in a sense I have my little HC project there as well...UD priestress who hasn't died yet (lv 14)