KTA[2.0] The Complete Story - Le Grand Finale...


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KTA[2.0] The Complete Story - Le Grand Finale...

KTA[2.0] - Le Grand Finale

Hello fellow KTA'ers and readers!

It's time to tell the final story of KTA[2.0]

If you have been with us in the past, you might remember KTA[2.0] venturing into Hell with tiny little baby steps last time. Keywords in previous sentence being might ;)

But to begin from the beginning, we started off in normal, as every team do. The first few acts were a breeze, and not until Act4, things got exciting.

Just a flashback of how our party turned out in the beginning:

RiverRun Charge:

Waiting for Diablo:

There he comes:

Baals little brother Diablo, was no match for us, and as usual, 5 sec's later he lay on the floor, pulverised by our mighty force, keyword being might *hint hint*

Off to normal Act5 we went to face the danger of the Ancients, but also enjoying some beautiful scenery. The scenery pic and the eth ancients pic is the best Diablo pic's I've managed to take so far:

What a view:

Is this teamplay or what, look at that *smiles*


We found our way through the winding Worldstone, and ended up at Baal and his minions:

If normal was not a nightmare, maybe nightmare would be a nightmare?
Well, to start it off, a chick can be confused of much less than this (no offense girls, you know I love you). So many optins, there's no end to the possibilities!

In Act2 we had some great moments, a few of the highlights being the jewel, Silvervixen going senile, and Tloopz the charmer:

Yes, we wonder that too:

Please do NOT give a jewel like this to your loved one on Valentine's:

The noble Paladin:

God damn what a mess you make dear Necro:

Where is that big, bad Barb...:

Pfffthhh! Just as whimpy as last time:

After the rendevouz with Diablo, we headed east, put on our gloves and fur hats, because now it was getting cold...
Syxx tried out one of his flashy features of his computer again, with well-known result:

At the Ancient we must have set a new record. I kid you not, but it took no longer than 5 sec's for us to tear them down. Lucky mods I guess, but anyway we had a good laugh:

Next session we summed up our effort at the Hellforge, and quickly discovered we needed to make a few Riverruns to take advantage of all our runes:

Go Um, Go Um, Go Um :clap:

Theese ghosts are a really cool feature, one of my favorite pic's of Diablo too:

Last of NM, after this we were up for some "real tennis action" as Einar Berg would have said:

Hell turned out to be a real Hell for us. Act1 were nothing to fear, but in Act2 it started to look dark! I've never seen theese clouds IRL, but I sure hope they never get to Sweden:

So, after a brief visit to Hell Arcanes, we were going to kick some major Duriel But, GO GO KTA...

Boom-First Hit, watch sorc run, run Sorcie run:

Are you really, really sure that the wp is NOT safe :lol:

Yawn... how hard can it be to loot:

Look at Minx life at the top, she must be immortal now!

Last man standing (at least for one more sec):

So, what the f**k happened.... hehe, this is what happened. The mighty goods of Diablo were kind enough to trap the wp with not one, not two, but THREE bosspacks :clap:

How's this for a trapped wp:
My favourite, Tele, Extra Strong, MIGHT Aura, keyword as usual being might, hehe:

KTA[2.0] gave me great many laughs, good times and wacky builds. My melee/bow sorc with Enchant ended up doing a max of 2700 dmg with each arrow from her Kuko at lvl 78, which I find pretty impressive, especially considering I had almost no +skill gear at all.

We tried a different strategy this time, not using that many cookie-cutter builds. In a way more fun and it was a real challenge to play a melee/bow sorc. So what can I say to sum it all up...

Even if the outcome were like this http://www.hemsida.net/mnswe/Diablo2/KTATeam2/Hell/KTA-2_The_End.jpg it was blast playing with you all in KTA[2.0]. KTA[2.0] is dead, long live KTA[3.0]... or maybe KTAT[3.0] (KillThemAllTwinked)?

C U online /Magnus

PS! I hope you don't mind me cutting in Syxx, please continue my story here. And Tloopz, thx for the pic's!


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Wow guys, that was some ending to your quest. Going out all guns a blazing. I think that it was as honourable a death as anyone could ask for. Obviously yesterday was a good day to die.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading of your exploits over the last few weeks, it sounds like you had tons of fun (despite a few hick-ups). I also would like to put my name forward as a possible KTA 3.0 member, whatever route you decide to take (twinked or Untwinked).

KTA 2.0 is dead - Long live KTA 3.0

p.s. If you guys are planning any more Ironman or Bunny run games, let me know. I would love to have my very first experience of PvP with you.


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Thx so much for the picture posts magnus - that was a real gallery of memories:)

I don't think I have ever had so much fun having a character killed at level 77 or whatever he was - I knew I could never loot them all but had to try! - you did miss the screenie I wanted of the AAAAaaaaaarggghh above my head just before I ran out of juves:)

You also missed the Holy Freeze boss by the tombs I ran into on my first run across the Canyon:) - so I guess 4 packs in total!!

I would really love to play in another KTA - but I just don't think I can guarantee the time anymore - and if it took 7-8 weeks to finish - I would be on my Honeymoon for the grand finale! :buddies:

I hope that the next KTA group goes for a slightly less melee oriented party - I think that was our downfall.

No KTA character will ever truely die as long as we can remember the laughs and tears along the way - I might have even stayed alive if I wasn't crying with laughter as a whole screen of minions poured after me past the parties bodies! ROFL



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(Sorry for ther delay in posting... RL reared its ugly head and groin slammed me)

Hi All,

6 KTA players met in the Rogues Camp, and prepared to go out and kick some monsters butt. Since most had already completed Act1 except for our Zon, we started at Catacombs 2 and worked our way down from there.

Moving as a single unit, we cautiously fought our way to level 4. The reason for us all taking extra care, was the loss of our BO'ing Barb who has returned to wherever Barb's come from, leaving us with alot lower life than we have grown us to. However the monsters seemed to falling before the KTA onslaught in the usual way.

Feeling a little more confident, we took on Andy and showed her who the boss really was .... US.

Off to Act 2 we went, which was were the real adventure started. Our 7th and last team member joined at towards the beginning of this act. Our party was ...

Vengence Pally

The Zon was the lowest level at 60. The rest were in their mid 70's. Our resistance wasn't so bad ... but none of us had them maxed. Oh, the joys of untwinking.

The wide open spaces weren't too differcult. With Merc's and minions, there were targets for the monsters to attack, without honing in on the party players. Also their was space to manover around the lightening discharges of the scarabs and spears of the slingers. Maggots was the usual hassle it is to navigate, but there was no real danger of dying. We picked up the staff and split.

More open space, and we moved alot quicker. Staying close was a necessiety, as individually our killing power was quite weak in relation to the monsters. Twice our pally's came back and rescued Minx, when she stalled changing over spears (damnit, I was carrying 4x80 spears), only to be surrounded by more monsters. Lightening immunes ... I could barely scratch their armour. Anyway, we found vipers and proceeded to clear a path down to level 2 where we removed the amulet from Fangskins cold dead hands.

The Palace was next, and as usual it was full of those skeletons that blend perfectly into the walls, and you only notice them when they start throwing nasty stuff at you. Last night the little dears were chucking lightening. After a little backtracking the find the WP, we reached Arcane and looked for the Summoner. 3rd path was a winner (who made that rule about no MH ?), and he was actually quite easy. Minx place a decoy and a valkya in his face and proceed to LF the goatmen, which sprayed and killed most on the platform. Then 2 charging pallys arrived and mopped up. Time to repair and get ready for Duriel Tomb.

How to describe what happened next ?

Seen from Minx's view, still in town repairing spears and loading mana ... it was like this ....

Pally Dead .... 2 seconds ... Necro Dead ...2 seconds ... Enchantress Dead .... 2 seconds ... Wolfie Dead ...

(Not sure of exact order as it happened so quickly)

I was like ... What, Where, When, Why .... then came the message, HOT LZ, Don't take the last WP !!! Uhmm I kind of worked that one out guys, but thanks for the warning.

I'll have to leave it for the others to describe in glorious detail what exactly happened. But a quick postmortem described 3 boss packs with Might, Extra Fast, Cold, Teleport. The 3 of us still remaining in town had a decision to make. Do nothing, or attempt to loot.

Since our party had just been decimated, and those responsible were still standing over their corpses, we had to give it a go. Things get a little hazy here, as I can only see what is happening on my screen.

We actaully have one safe TP up. I think our Sin actually managed to survive the inital onslaught. The Sin and I take it down, things seems quiet. I place a decoy towards the where I imagine the WP to be. Whaaammmmm... 3 big hairy brutes barrel into the decoy and take her out. Our merc and Valkyra move out to intercept... Whaaaammmmm... 5 more monster (on steriods) zoom in and proceed to stomp on them. The Sin and I start backtracking to our TP's, as more monsters race towards us. Just as it looks like our head start may just be enough, Minx turns blue (freeze boss somewhere) and stops in her dead in her tracks. 2 seconds later and 2 hits, Minx is KTA death number 5. The sin makes it up through the TP.

A little while later while looking over my coprse (and Deeds) I see the sin appear through the TP. He moves a little away from the TP .... Whaaammmmm .... 4 monsters speed in. He turns to run ... turn blue .... and you know how it ends.

I do not know the details of the death of the final member of the team, our Vengence Pally. She went out to loot her fallen comrades, knowing she faced near certain death... and the grim reaper claimed his last victim.

Team KTA 2.0 is no more ... All taken out at Canyon WP on the way to Duriel in Hell. Makes a change the be on the receiving end of a damn good thumping for once.

Ladies and Gentlemen of KTA ... is has been an absolute pleasure playing with you all. My True Comrade in Arms... I salut you.

Syxx / KTA-Minx


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Man, I admire everyone's team spirit... Going in, even after seeing the death message of several others!

Hats off, you gave it your best shot!



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Chiller_babe said:
No KTA character will ever truely die as long as we can remember the laughs and tears along the way - I might have even stayed alive if I wasn't crying with laughter as a whole screen of minions poured after me past the parties bodies! ROFL

If you have a pic you want me to host, please send them to [email protected]

I can imagine that pic right now, must have been a laugh :lol:


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great story and screenies :thumbsup: too bad it ended that way, good luck with the next KTA project


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Who thought a video game could produce such moving stories? :thumbsup:

On a related note, I would love to be a part of the next KTA, whenever that shall commence. If you have no room, of course, I'm screwed. Just something to consider.


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wow, that's painful. but nice work guys- it's been a pleasure to read.

and the scenery screenshot at the ancients... that's hot! i've never noticed that :D


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Wow.... an excellent read... KTA really has a focus on the game as untwinked.

I really enjoyed reading your questing... Looking forwards to future adventures.

I'm in Pure Game @ we just started our trek into NM.

I think I'll steal your screenie ideas and post them on our adventures when we continue.

Till next time



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I just wanted to know - was there actually anything worth saving that got looted - or was it just a futile gesture of bravado to attempt it - I know I basically had nothing worth anything ( sanders boots being my LEET item!).

Another thought I had - is being cold frozen cumulative with holy freeze frozen (normally I bung some CBF on characs as early as possible and it isn't something I really want to trial anyway) if so that might be why we were all running with the speed of a snail that's towing a volvo estate!

Add extra fast enemies to that and oof



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I've enjoyed following KTA from the start. I would definetly enjoy getting involved with that if it's started again.

Seems a good ending though, congrats on the fun.



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The end of KTA!

I say like Chiller_babe......i never had so fun when a high lvl char dies. I really hope we go for a KTA3.0 otherwise i think this was my last game. The friendship and fun we had together is something i never had in D2 (GAT is close but this was better)

Magnus you missed the pics with the revenge from the KTA1.0 i needed to kill the bastards with a untwinked char....

Shall we wait with KTA3.0 to next LADDER??


PS. HAM about the party we talked about....we can do it tomorrow.....


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WingBlade said:
I think I'll steal your screenie ideas and post them on our adventures when we continue.

Be our guest....its a nice ide when telling the story.

And hope you dont end like us :lol:

Good luck!



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Chiller_babe said:
I just wanted to know - was there actually anything worth saving that got looted - or was it just a futile gesture of bravado to attempt it - I know I basically had nothing worth anything ( sanders boots being my LEET item!).
I had a short visit with another char in the game after we all exited and watched the "crap" by chest :lol:

Actually I think I found a small charm +3 max/AR, so if someone is interested ,give me a holler...

As for the looted stuff, I don't know. I know some other people were in game to check the loot as well, maybe they found something good? I heard something about a pike?

Nahh, you did the right thing, especially in your situation. What's the point of having a "crap" char hanging around, purely built for teamplay regarding stats and skills, when the team is not around? If you just managed to loot one item, no matter the quality of it, it was worth it. Besides that, you really gave us a good laugh :)



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HAMC8112 said:
As the ladderreset will be a long time, what about a twinked party?
I vote for a twinked party as well, I really want to get a Zealadin rollin' after I tried my old 1.09 out last week, and he rocked. Though with very good equipment, besides the weapon which was Baranar.

At ladder reset I definately think we should go for it untwinked again :)



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As for the new people showing interest in joining KTA. Since we ourselves have not yet decided what we are about to do, we can't do much more for now but thank you for your interest and promise that we will be in touch :)

How do you feel Syxx of another round, maybe twinked this time? (I ask him first because he's the founder of KTA).