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Kolov's Challenge

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by kolov, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. kolov

    kolov Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 23, 2016
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    Hello All,

    I've browsed through the posts here and thought some of you would appreciate this. From what I read, many of you have beaten the game all the way through, starting from scratch. Some of you play on Hardcore mode and don't reset your skills or stats. This is how I like to play, too. However, I have yet to see someone go all the way through to Uber Tristram (the real one on

    Kolov's Challenge:
    1. Hardcore.
    2. Clear every area, including Uber Tristram
    3. Do not reset skills or stats.
    4. Only one character - no trades, no storing items on other characters, etc.
    5. No cheats, hacks, or other outside programs.

    Basically, I wanted to come up with a way to beat Uber Tristram without a bunch of fancy gear. Every guide I've seen to Uber Tristram includes fancy gear. One guy who even called himself 'the poorman' included a ravenfrost among other unique items. Where is a poor man going to find a ravenfrost? This is unsatisfactory.

    No, there must be a way to beat Uber Tristram, using only items you can count on finding.

    I've attempted this 5 or 6 times and failed each time. But each time, I learned something. After the first couple of failures, I started recording my games to see where I was making mistakes.

    Finally, this year, I did it! I decided to take the game footage and make a video to post to youtube. If you search for 'From Bloodmoor to Uber Tristram', it should come up first. It's sped up, but the original videos are there in a playlist in the description. The video lists the important checkpoints.

    Here is an outline of how I did it. Because the build does not depend on uniques or fancy equipment, anyone should be able to repeat this. I chose the Necromancer class. I think the other classes are possible, but the Necromancer is probably the easiest. The idea of the build is that the mercenary kills everything and you just protect him. This goes even for Uber Tristram. Many say that the mercenary is useless in Uber Tristram, but they are wrong. Mine took out all the Ubers, and with very inexpensive items.

    Stats: I recommend strength to 70, but you can get by with less. Main reason I chose 70 was because those metal boots you see when shopping require 70 strength. I thought this would improve my odds of getting good boots. Actually the boots I beat Uber Tristram with were terrible: 40% fast run/walk, 11% lightning resistance.
    All other points go into life.

    Skills: Uber Tristram is -significantly- harder than the rest of the game. In my attempts that failed, I either died in Uber Tristram or while getting the keys. Because of this, all skills are chosen to 1) clear Uber Tristram or 2) efficiently find the keys. The rest of the game, I'll get by, even if it is a little slow.

    16 points in Dim Vision. This allows your mercenary to kill just about every monster in the game. It protects you in Uber Tristram. It helps you search for the keys quickly and safely. I decided on 16 because this gives a duration of 10 seconds and a nice area. 2 casts will shut everything down on the screen.

    40 points in Bone Armor synergies. This is mainly for running safely through areas, especially to get to the countess. Without Bone Armor, I've died so many times trying to run quickly to the Countess.

    1 point in Amplify Damage - takes care of physical immunes, speeds things up

    1 point in Corpse Explosion - not needed, but speeds things up a lot

    1 point in Decrepify - allows mercenary to kill Bosses, prevents Baal and Uber Baal from teleporting.

    1 point in Terror - extremely useful in Uber Tristram. Combine this with Dim Vision to move monsters away from your mercenary and from you.

    20 points in Revive - Necessary to protect your mercenary in Uber Tristram. Best are the cows. They are aggressive and can squeeze tightly together. Other revives run all over the place. Be careful not to kill the Cow King.

    1 point in skeleton mastery, golem mastery, summon resist - worth it with +skills

    Rest in Clay Golem - slows the Ubers down, further protecting your mercenary. Great distractor.

    Basically anything with elemental resistance. By far, the hardest monster in the game is Uber Mephisto. Even with all the revives, dim vision, and terror, you will still take some hits from the skeletons. Without resistance, these guys hurt bad. You need to have max resistance, even with his conviction aura on you. Charms, shield, gloves, everything goes towards elemental resistance. Other less important attributes are life and mana.

    Specific items you need for Uber Tristram (I show my gear in the video at the end):
    Stealth Body armor. A quilted armor will do fine. In Uber Tristram, you must run fast and you must cast fast. Also, when you switch to teleport, you will still cast quickly. This is important. This will save your life. In the video you can see that Mephisto would have probably killed me if my teleport was slower. He will likely one-shot you even with max resistances. He has done that very thing to me several times.

    Spirit sword. Runes can be found from nightmare countess. main thing here is lots of mana. Revives cost a lot of mana, and you won't have insight. Fast cast and +skills very nice, too.

    3x Diamond shield. Kite shield so you don't slow down.

    Staff with teleport on switch. You -must- have this. Buy it from Act 3 Ormus on Normal. You can socket it with Larzuk quest and put resistance jewels, if you come across any. Remember, when you switch to teleport, your resistance drop significantly. I recommend shopping for another one later to get more charges. Act 2 Hell is a good place to shop. Or Act 1 Hell, open up a Cow portal right next to Akara.

    Ring or Amulet with 10% faster cast. This is optional, but will give you 12 frame cast when teleporting with staff. Since your resistances drop, you do not want to be in staff mode long. I was nearly fried by an Evil Urn full of gloams. I tried to teleport and they got me down to the single digits.

    Helm: 3 sockets: Thuls, Orts or Rals, depending on what you are lacking most.

    Remember that poison and cold potions will give you +50, so these are less important.

    Treachery. Lem can be found from Hell Countess. Get fade active on you and mercenary before fighting Uber Mephisto. I used this armor for the mercenary for everywhere in the game except Uber Tristram. The base is not really important. You want him to get hit anyway. And you need to be able to wear it, too.

    Mercenary - Act 2 blessed aim. You can use any of them really, but blessed aim is best for the Ubers, because you need him to hit enough to keep open wounds active.
    Helm: 3 sockets, 2 orts, 1 fast attack rate jewel (optional)
    Armor: Duress. Um can be found from Hell Countess. This is the hardest item to find that you will need. You must get it though, because Duress has open wounds. You will fail without open wounds. Base should be the best you can find. Any of the elite armors are good, like dusk shroud, so on.
    Weapon: Obedience in a Thresher. Find a Thresher and socket it with Larzuk. Crushing blow and resistance. Mercenary will eat everything for breakfast. If you can't find a thresher, go with a grim scythe or battle scythe.

    Edge in a Blade or Great bow: runes from NM countess. This is optional. I thought dim vision would shut down the poison vipers, but my mercenary was still dying. So I switched to rogue bow for this area. I actually had planned on using it on Uber Diablo, because the act 2 mercenary has trouble with armageddon, and Edge works great on Diablo, as long as you can give her a clear shot. However, I ended up not needing it there. You could get by without the bow, if you equip the act 2 mercenary with a helm with 3 sols for the tomb vipers. It's a good idea to have one of these for yourself, too for this area.

    A word about early game.
    Because I did not allow resetting skills, I had to have a plan for the Normal Bosses. NM and H bosses are easy with decrepify and revives. Though, there is a funny way to kill all the bosses in the game. This even works on Lilith, Uber Duriel, and Uber Izual. Sadly, it fails in Uber Tristram (I tried it.) Get a rogue mercenary. Run up to the boss and cast bone armor over and over. If your resistances are high, and you have some health pots, you can kill all of them like this.

    Having completed this challenge, I am now curious if it can be done with cheaper equipment. I think I know a way to do it with the highest rune being Io. It will take quite a bit longer to clear all areas, though...

    Well, I hope someone finds this interesting. I probably left some things out. If you have any questions, ask and I will try to answer them.

    Thank you.

    -I. Kolov
  2. Rmmhc

    Rmmhc Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 25, 2015
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    That's a very interesting post and thank you for writing it up. However, are you talking about Uber Tristram via If you're talking about the Single Player mod, discussion related to unapproved mods isn't actually allowed in this forum.

    There are other forums that would give you a better response that I can't actually mention either, but it's likely you already know which one I'm talking about.
  3. kolov

    kolov Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 23, 2016
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    Hi Rmmhc,

    Yes, Uber Tristram via There is some other version of it I've seen in youtube videos. It is much easier because there are no minions. The minions are what makes it hard. If there are no minions, you can actually just kill them with a rogue mercenary wearing duress and a strong clay golem. In fact, I've killed Lilith, Izual, and Duriel on this way. The positioning on Izual is a little tricky because he fires cold bolts at any ranged attacker. But you can position her so that she doesn't get hit by these, if you are careful. Lilith is also tricky, but basically you have to put yourself and your rogue far away so they don't get poisoned. Then just keep casting clay golem at the corner of the screen. This was one of my earlier attempts that failed when I got to Uber Tristram. The rogue mercenary with dim vision and a clay golem will easily kill everything in the game, -except- Uber Tristram. The trouble is that Mephisto will spawn minions right on the Rogue. She gets confused and dies. If you teleport, he will just spawn more on her.

    I just play with my Diablo digital copy I bought from Blizzard's site. I don't use anything else. Some people who have posted here have mentioned some kind of thing that lets you have infinite stash. To me, this is cheating. This gives you a huge advantage. Managing your inventory is one aspect of the game and forces you to make decisions. At certain points in the game, I often have to leave good items on the ground in town. I may be waiting for a perfect gem to socket a polearm, for example. I might have a 5 socketed grim scythe, and an ethereal grim scythe with no sockets. If I don't have an amethyst and my stash is full, I will probably throw away the ethereal one. Sometimes I will equip a half-made runeword and throw away a full runeword that is in a lower base weapon - just to make some space - if I think I can get by without the runeword for a time. Other times, I throw away something that I end up needing later. But, that's part of the game. Diablo is a tough game.
  4. T72on1

    T72on1 Diabloii.Net Member

    Feb 12, 2016
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    I'm quite late in replying, because of going on a holiday and still catching up on reading.

    Very interesting what you did there, @kolov . Major congrats !!! That must have taken quite a while.

    Thanks for the nice wite-up.

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