know a good place to mf?


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know a good place to mf?

I'm not that strong, but anyone know a good place to mf for the good set items and maybe uniques. I'm looking for things like angelics, deaths, artics sets and steeldriver, bonesnap, chance guards, and tarn helm for uniques mostly. Is andy able to drop those set items in norm?


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For the items you are looking for, I would say that Norm Meph is probably your best bet. Since it is in norm, lvl 3 is very easy to find, and he often drops the sets and uniques you just mentioned.


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I like doing hell super uniques like stormtree, fire eye and the scelly in the cathedral. they all drop good rares and are easy to find. I use a baba


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I use a sorc to take out hell mephy, then the coucnil around hell mephy, using moat trick on both. I actually get better items from the council members...


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From my experience, running nm mephy with about 100% mf will produce sets more frequently. It is easier than hell mephy, and it can also drop soj, while normal mephy cant.


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to do any runs, it is easiest to use orb i think.

right now i am making a barb that is going to mf hell trav with about 200 mf. Then once they all die, im gonna use a decent lvl item find. He is lvl 20 right now so it wil be a while until i find out if it works or not.

With the nice money from trav, gamble only ammies only, these can get you +2 ammies and the ones that are not rare you can sometimes get a gull with.

im not sure if someone already had posted this information, sry if they have but i havent looked around this site much, new to it )


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I recomend nm mephisto to get you started and hell andy once you're strong. Hell andy > hell mephisto because soj is what you should be looking for, if you want top end rares do cs runs and climb the ladder while ur at it.


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Too much pickit for me to have a chance at getting a nice high end weapon in CS runs, so hell mephys still my best chance.

Dont like doing hell andy, no merc = too much effort. Plus the council around hell meph drops nice gold/rares.


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Id run hell andy and meph with a fireball sorc. Use moat trick on meph, and just teleport to the right wall near andy, and hurl fireballs at her. Everything is fire immune down there, but andy is so weak against fire that I kill her in 4 fireballs in a 1 player game (6k fireball).

I can pretty much handle up to 5 players in a game as long as andy is not surrounded by fire immune monsters. Occasionally you do get swamped though.

I have found 5 sojs from hell andy/meph, as opposed to no sojs from nm andy/meph. I've probably done equal ammount of runs on both difficulties. Also the better rares drop in hell.

A good place in classic is still the pits. But dual element sorcs are kind of lame in classic (not enough +skill items). So I guess the best bet for pits would be a poison necro or a barb. (maybe poison ama can do it)

Blizzard is alright for hell meph, but I think it is too slow for hell andy. It is of course, much safer, you can clear the area, and then attack andy on your own time, but I like the fast and furious attack of fireball. Faster runs = more items.

I currently run ~44 mf, only source comming from my tarn.

Travincal runs are absolutely the best money maker in my opinon. The best for doing trav runs would be a barb. Run with high %gold find, and make sure you put a reasonable amount into find item, so you can pop those bodies all over again. Almost doubles the amount of cash per run. Hammerdins rock at trav runs too, but they don't get the added benefit of find item.

I usually team up with a paladin myself, I bo him, he kills, I pop bodies :)
Andy on any difficulty = Fire Sorc
She has no fire immunities (its actually -50 fire res)

Orb for Meph any diff
Slows him and guarantees more hits than random blizzard sorc

Barb for Travincial Council // Bone Ash // Rakanishu hell
Not only can he waste them and leech life/xp, his item cry can get you more itams ~~