kk.... i got a cheap melee necro build... :D


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kk.... i got a cheap melee necro build... :D

yea, i need osme critique and/or tips b4 i just make this guy lol...

this is more of a vanom/melee build, so im not PURE melee...

[1]"passion" runeword small crescent/tiamats
[2] Wiz/Homo (or spectral shard and +1 necro head for my case)
armor : shaft
helm: gaze
ammy: saracens (res all, i need it ><)
ring1: raven
ring 2: 6ll/4 all res ring
belt: string (or ll belt, havent decided yet, and yes i know, DR cap is 50%)
gloves trangs (^_^)
boots : crafting some bloody onezzz

1 to amp, lower resist lifetap, etc basically the whole tree of curses besides the 3 on the left
20 CE
20Psn nova
20 Bone armor
1 to firegolem/mast (meat sheild)
rest of pts as i level to psn nova synergies.

now, would this build, in theory, work? i know i dont have the necessay DS or stuff like that, but this is FOR FUN.... but i need to know if it can work O_O

ty for an input!


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You will need the three AI curses. Put points in them. Less on the CE more on BA synergies.

Gear looks nice.


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max bone wall dont even put a point into bone prison, use the lvl 33 syn bug on marrowwalks and put about 10 points or so into CE. this is just MO but whatever you wanna do..


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I have a meleemancer lvl 83, and there's one thing I've learned from playing him. GET LOTS OF AR. I'm serious. My meleemancer was equipped almost exactly as you have written up, and he was gettin torn new ones right and left in hell. So I stepped back and reexamined my gear. I opted out of my uber gear (ie. vampgaze, SS) and instead turned to stuff that didnt seem so cool (ie. Sigon's helm + any Sigon's item). Boy, did the AR boost make a difference. You really should consider gettin more AR by any means necessary.