Kilmins V Turnips Challenge

Kilmins V Turnips Challenge

Barbarian, level 35 (or lower)
No Titles (cannot have the Normal Baal Quest)
No Charms (5 spears will be traded between chars to make sure their inventory is empty)
No Jewels
Runes and Runewords are acceptable.
No Gear in the Stash can be used, IE no Pre-Buffs
No Mercs.
One belt-load of any type of potions is allowed.

The duel will be fought in the Blood Moor in normal difficulty. It will be fought to the death. Running to town will be considered an act of complete cowardice, and you will be ridiculed beyond belief. Just stay and die. The character is worthless for anything else anyway.

No spying i.e having a heads-up on what the other person you're going to be dueling is. That is all GL and HF
The Tribunal: Full_Circle, KnownAsJug, AzaZaz.


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We really should do something like this regularly... minus all the hostility that brought this one on, of course.


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My money is on turnips(duh)

P.S. Are you guys saying that slow and stuff are okay for their fight? Just wondering


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I'd like to know too about slow target. I wish they'd made it'd take away a lot of the 1 hit KO items.