Kilmins V Turnips Challenge POLL

Target Q3 means...

  • Beta will start July-Sept.

    Votes: 24 80.0%
  • Blizz can't make that date, it'll be after Sept for sure.

    Votes: 2 6.7%
  • It means nothing, it was a facetious date just thrown out there.

    Votes: 4 13.3%

  • Total voters


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My prediction's not an option in the poll! Anyway, this has been really worked up so I too hope it's not like some recent UFC PPV's!


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Small synopsis

Kilmins went for a very interesting build. Apparently he had 5k defense, 1.5k life and 1.5k listed...correct me if I'm wrong. We both chose eth steeldriver (after ridiculous brainstorming it was the ONLY option, especially not knowing what the opponent was wearing).

I went a different a lot of help but used guillaume's and max mastery for level to get the most cb/ds/cs I could while wearing an artisan's of life with 3x Amethysts for extra strength and damage. My final stats were 1.6k life, 1.8k damage (listed), and stupid low defense. I put a life tap wand and spirit sword on switch. Kil wasn't willing to engage while life tap'd so I gave up on that and looked to time a ww + conc combo.

After approximately 1:30-2 minutes I got him into a small moat area which forced him to attack, he ww'd, I went diagonally through him with a ww which hit him once for 25%, but I threw an immediate conc at him which got me a KO. This was a lot of fun, but the reason for the duel was not in fun. Hopefully with the new duel threads it'll be ALL in fun...everyone should get involved!

A couple screenshots.