Killing duriel and Baal with his minions


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Killing duriel and Baal with his minions

been readin most of the times here to get inf but havent seen this question pop up so how can u kill duriel without getting owned from him with maybe 5 hits in a row (that happens to my barb when i was 18) he shouldt be that though or at least some way to kill him easier? got him down only with constant telepording about 25 times ....
as for baal i got my barb to 33 and those last boss he spawns some destruction minion are just impossible to kill: knockback,health, dmg are all a real pain got em down with maybe 10mins of trouble and baal itself is just a nervebreaker in every way
So any tips how to kill those 2 bosses with less pain? aint got any probs with the others bosses :undecided:

Evrae Altana

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Duriel-he has a Holy Freeze aura which slows you down a lot. Be sure to hire an Act 2 mercenary to help you out a bit. You might want to consider leveling your barb to level 24, so he can have access to Battle Orders for a nice boost in life.
Minons of Destruction-if you can't handle them, you can simply ditch them. Just lure them out near the entrance of the Throne Room, then quickly run back to where Baal is standing. At this point, Baal should do his laugh, then proceed on to the Worldstone Chamber. However, if you're adamant about killing them, try a divide and conquer strategy. Also, things like crushing blow and deadly strike helps a lot.
Baal-crushing blow helps bring him down quickly. If he duplicates himself, create a TP, go to town for a bit, and when you go back, the clone should be gone (or is this an SP only trick?). "Cannot be frozen" is very helpful here since he has a pretty nifty cold attack.


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tp and wait trick works on ladder
or just devide and conquer clone, it has about 1/2 life and 1/2 def of baal, goes down alot easier than the real baal