Killing Diablo Clone?

Dark Tyrant

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Killing Diablo Clone?

How would a sorc go about doing this solo?

I was thinking having Prevent Monster Heal then whittling his health away slowly along with having resists of your own.


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blizzard. DC has 95% all res, so the only way to effectively hurt him, is to remove the resistances. a lvl 36 CM will bring his res down to -100%. orb would be number 2, but it lacks the raw power blizzard has.

PVM does not work on spells. it only works on physical dmg. you would have to give the PVM to your merc in hopes he will hit DC before he dies. i would personally just switch to my zon and do one GA with pvm on. that sounds to me like the easiest way to do it. it wouldn't involve chance to hit. but PVM is only needed if you dont' have the raw power to overcome his replenish life. and blizzard can do that.


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Hmm, what if you got Prevent Monster Heal on a non-weapon item (Blackhorn's Face, Nature's Peace), and then wielded the Widowmaker bow that gives + to Guided Arrow and shot him? (I think you might have to shoot several times if he can block it.)

I know Blackhorn's Face is pretty cheap; not sure about Widowmaker, but I think amazons don't like it as a weapon so maybe it is cheap.

Another option would be to use a straight melee weapon with PMH and hit him, but you'd have to be right next to him and succeed the AR check.


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that should work.

anyone know how well mercs stay alive vs him? he might be able to dmg DC with pmh.

last time i faced DC, i brought in my hammerdin. he had aldur's mace on switch, that plus charge plus blessed aim was a 29% chance to hit. that was plenty. for a sorc, it won't be though. meleeing DC really isn't an option for sorcs.


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My 91 Meteorb sorc took dclone solo. Merc uses Bonehew, PMH does NOT work on DClone with a merc hitting him, and the merc did not last long.

The key is in the tanking, drop all that damn MF gear (it's useless vs DClone anyway) and load up on + skills and resists (fire and lightning should be maxed or over maxed with guardian angel) and get fire and lightning absorb gear (wisp projector, TGods, Dwarf Star, Rising Sun).

This was my solo DClone set up...

Occy, Shako, Stormshield ( PDiamond socketed and I am a block sorc)
+2 Valor (guardian angel, duriels shell are good too)
Crendedum (Resists, TGods would have been great if I had one)
Aldur's boots (I used it for fire resists, but any good resist boots work)
Any gloves with resists or mana boosts ( Frostburns, Magefists etc)
Dwarf star (fire absorb)
Rising Sun (fire absorb)
Manald Heal (Mana regen, I usually use mf rings, this was all I had to throw on instead)

I loaded my inventory with super healing pots and ran off to meet him.

Tactics? Heh...

Teleport on top of him and proceed to Meteor, spamming fireballs (or static while he is still above 50%) during the cool down period, chug pots as needed.

Took me ~10 minutes and never used all my pots.

My charm is 19/19/10 :D

Good luck!