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Killing Ancients in

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by jz2323, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. jz2323

    jz2323 IncGamers Member

    Feb 21, 2004
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    Killing Ancients in

    I'm a strafezon with FA backup and I've tried like 10 times to defeat the ancients in hell and i keep getting owned. I've got 750 life and one hit kills me. Not even my merc and maxed valk are doing much.

    I've got windforce, lionheart, veil of steel, laying of hands, nos belt, and war travs so its a decent setup.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Vick_Mackey

    Vick_Mackey IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    I'll toss in a couple helpful hints

    1. Try creating a Ancients Game to get some help if you cant beat them yourself
    2. Find a skellimancer who will party with you with to help vanquish the Ancients (Before I quit recently 4 GOOD :thumbsup: I had a Arty Necro with lvl 42 skel/mastery that could completely obliterate the Ancients no matter how many ppl were in the game)
  3. Superhal

    Superhal IncGamers Member

    Jul 5, 2003
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    i just passed them yesterday with GA, twice. the first time, i hit my TP hotkey just before the last one died. 2nd time, roughly the same thing happened (they died in the same order) but i didn't tp out.

    imho, they cheat. they always spawn immune to your strongest attack, which i'm guessing would be phys or cold. for me, out of 6 possible ancients, 5 of them spawned lightning immune (lvl 24 LF).

    here's how it played out:
    i put a decoy next to the little table and activated them. the leaper seems to always attack the player no matter what. the ww guy concentrated on the decoy and valk. my valk (lvl 17 at the time) was able to tank him. decoy and merc died immediately.

    the thrower and leaper chased me around. i ran around in a big square. at each corner of the square, i would GA (with my buriza.) i tried to keep both of them poisoned (1 50 pd sc) but otherwise i would just shoot 2-3 ga's behind me.

    leaping guy never hit me even once. throwing guy hit me around 2-3 times, with never more than 1 axe.

    after around 30 laps, the thrower died. the ww guy was still playing with the valk at the top of the field, so i kept the leaping guy with me on the bottom, and started running small rectangles near the entrance, still using GA.

    leaping guy took the longest. unlike REAL barbs, my attacks couldn't hit him in the air. he went down after around 10 minutes.

    ww guy was very easy. he kept on the valk, so i could just stay back and GA him. both times, it took about 20 minutes total. i used about 3 super healing pots, 3-4 super mana pots.

    my eq:
    nef buriza not upgraded
    ptopz shako
    smoke armor
    cleglaws pinchers (how sad :( well, i got a LoH now. :))
    war travs (or was it silkweaves? i forget.)
    wisp projector
    rare ring with 6% LL, 80 mana, 100 ar, some resists
    rare +2 skills ama ammy with ML and resists
    @35 in max damage charms
    1 1-2 cold damage sc
    1 50 pd sc
    1 2 dex/5 all res sc
    rare mat jav/pdiamond lidless wall on switch

    if they are phys immune, you are, imho, screwed, and probably the only thing you can do is maybe get a 6 pemerald bow and run around like crazy.

    my skills (naked, +4 eq):
    20 FA
    20 LF
    17 GA
    13 valk
    3 MS

    -19 CR
    -19 FR
    32 LR
    41 PR

    i think i used around 750 bolts.
  4. lone_wolf

    lone_wolf Diablo: IncGamers Member

    Jun 25, 2003
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    never had a problem with them but then again my build can deal with most if not all monsters that can spawn. only PI/MI pose a threat.
  5. Omikron8

    Omikron8 IncGamers Member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    Tal's Mask or Gaze way better for a bowazon than veil of steel. A 192 strength requirement is ridiculous for a bowazon helmet and leech is a far better choice for this equipment slot.
  6. slayer37

    slayer37 IncGamers Member

    Oct 31, 2003
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    Hahaha.... 20 minutes... mine even took longer! I also used slvl1 GA to kill those Hell Ancients. We did the very same thing! WW ancient kept pestering my valk while leaper and thrower kept on my tail the whole duration of the fight. I also ran around and fire 2-3 GA every stop. If memory serves me right, leaper died first then thrower then WW. I don't think they regenerate... if they do then I wouldn't be able to kill them with such pitiful damage from GA. :lol:

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