Kill cold imunes with FO sorc


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Kill cold imunes with FO sorc

I am thinking of this cool test

If i have Cold Mastery lvl 40 This would do : -215 enemy cold res

Then my merc would use this Set up:

Infininity (gives lvl 12 conviction aura)
Shako ( + 2 on on conv aura)
CoH ( + 2 on conv aura )

That would make Enemy res -105. and which makes a total of -320 enemy cold RES.

Now is the question can I kill those damn cold imunes? (Will using my Frozen ORB )


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1) Conviction aura from RWs can't be increased by +skill items.
2) Conviction aura is the only one able to break immunities, and works at -85res (on Infinity).
3) Conviction is able to break monster immunities only if it can lower them to less than 100, and works at 20% effectiveness (-17all res) on immune monsters. So basically, a monster with fire immunity and 110 res will lose immunity, a monster with 117 res or more will remain immune.
4) Only when immunity is broken, Cold mastery will work.

So basically you have to check monsters and their immunities to see whether they can be broken or not. Try AS bestiary here.


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Cold mastery doesn't break cold immunity (which is realized by 100% or more res to an element), but conviction and lower resist does. Even with these spells, you need 5 times as much -res% to break the part beyond 100%. That means it's enough to have -199% cold res from cold mastery which is avhieved at L37 IIRC.

There are monsters with such a good immunity that conviction won't break it. Hell mode is full of regular monsters with too much coldres to break. Among the bosses, Frozenstein has 210% cold resistance, for example. You need -555%res from conviction and lower resist just to make it less than 100% :lol:


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im kinda new and my english is not so good sry if im not clear. Well i have this problem too with my mf sorc lvl 81 (anyway i build now a paladin - best for mf i hear) who can make nothing with these cold imunes, even using a strong weapon instead blizzard, also my strong merc can kill them but sometimes he can do nothing too.

Well how a cold sorc with his merc can kill or pass a group of imunes guys?

Anyway i leave my sorc and transfer his equip to a mf paladin, best choice, right? or barb is better and survive more than hammerdin in hell (i speak about mf)


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pyron: more ci's can be broken with conviction + lower resist charges.

xro: usually you just tp past them, that's the easiest way. or, you can get a 2ndary attack, like a bow, but usualy this is terribly inefficent. mostly, single tree sorcs depend on their mercs for the occasional immune they have to kill, such as a few in duriel's staff chamber room, for example. however, if you have to do something like the ancients, most people ask for help.