kicksin traps or some martial arts viable?


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kicksin traps or some martial arts viable?

Hello I have been trying to plan and pick pts for a kicksin and i have come to the conclusion that I don't want trap skills as in dsentry. I've read alot of stuff on kicksins in here, I think mb at 1pt and maxed shadow mast could do the job kicking everything to death /w a merc. This would be a more melee character, but i can sense she would be lacking something.. In the long run doing actbosses/ubers and still being 'able' to deal with some PI's and mob groups with maybe barnars on switch.

how would this fair? what am i missing?
20 dtalon
1 dtail
1 dflight
17~20 shaodow master
1 mind blast
1 BoS
15 fade (i read it's diminishing after 15?)
20 venom
this would use 82 pts
i would then have 12 pts left from the skill pt quests. where to put them?

guil face, black flail (better yet last wish), SS (or some decent sheild), most highdmg boots that can be found, more ias items to compensate for BoS, leech rings or +skill, dungo belt (or a decent belt of some other type), COH or duress maras or ias amu with asn skills?, and for gloves draculs where can this be mfed?

some questions:
how much ias will i need for breaking point on a kicksin knowing that i need ias for sure that gear will compensate?
without using the traps should i tap into blade shield i read it isn't really that great but then again it is (im still unclear with BS) or venture into the left side of the martial arts tree. Using preq tiger strike to cobra strike? could a dragon finisher like dtalon work okay with cobra strike 1pt or better yet have Phoenix Strike/cobra strike on a kicker for the remaining pts? I do like martial arts but i know from reading it isn't that viable (kicks dont go well with arts skills besides dtail.. uhmmmm)

I really like the cobra strike/dtalon i have tested it with regular myrm boots and it seems to rep life/mana back quite well with high enough damage. I might just use it as a early skill phoenix for later?

pts used in build: 82

remaining pts: 17 to lvl 99 lol and 12 skill pts so 20-29 pts i don't know where to put?

thanks for any input :) sorry for all the questions but i have been intrigued by this build. Except for dsentry that doesn't even work CE on ubers? i would just prefer kicking everything with talon and blasting it with mb while having merc/shadow mast nailing everything along with me....