"kickme" build


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"kickme" build

Has anyone ever wondered if a build could be made where the point was not to kill everything quickly but to use those "+% chance to cast when struck" items.

For the build a sorc might be the best choice. They could use the energy shields with max telekinesis and %damage reduction so that they could take a ton of damage. Also they would be able to use the masteries to improve the damage of the casted when struck spells.

Possible skill setup

20 Telekinesis
1 Charged Bolt
1 Lightning
1 Chain Lightning
1 Teleport
1 Energy Shield
20 Lightning Mastery

20 Warmth (last thing to max just for the faster regen)
20 Fire Mastery

17 Cold Mastery

For items, (I never liked guides giving Uber items that most don't have or can't get)
Possibly Bramble runeword for the Thorns aura
Rares or Uniques that have "%chance to cast when struck" as well as damage reduction either "% reduced" or "absorb #"

Since the build only really damages by being hit a lower defense rating is desired.

Thats it for my idea
I have been looking for info on how the % chance to cast items stack but have yet to find any.


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Problem with this idea: Chance to Cast items are of such a low level that monsters in hell will regenerate faster than the spells going off will damage them, ego nothing dies, except you (and rather quickly too).
a iron barb woul be good for this. no dex so will get hit 95% of the time, can still use good armour with very high str req's and loads of life (no points on dex means more in vit and str) and also has nat res, iron skin, and will be abel to fight his way outof trouble is needed. a sorc will enevr have enough defence or melee attack power to escpe death in hell.


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I agree with zarhrezz to low damage.

And isn't the mening of an iron barb not to get hit? Probably the worse build for this type, no?
A vita barb/druid with alot of dr maybe?


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The damage may be low but consider that you can get a 14% chance to cast lvl 8 charge bolt with lightning mastery at slvl 20 (22-3x per bolt 10 bolts) per item that you carry and you can carry 10 types of items depending on how they stack this may allow you to fire off more bolts per second then a charged boltress with 20 in CB and 20 in lightning mastery. If you use crafted items with the 5% frost nova though low damage alot of spell can be cast. Let alone "of hydra shield" magic suffix.

Like I said it may work it may not it depends on how the % to cast items stack but I have not been able to find out anything on them.


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Regardless of how many times the seem to cast, I don't think the damage will be enough to to kill anything. The level you need to equip the items would be too high to kill any monster beyond act 1 or 2 normal.


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I made a 1.09 Thornadin with maxed thorns and plenty of % chance when struck charms, etc. It flew through Normal, struggled through most of NM when augmented with Conviction & Vengence. By the time I got to Hell I wasn't even flashing Thorns anymore. It was fun while it lasted though. :flip:


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Working on a similar paladin to TheNix's paladin. He's only level 25 in act2 and the most effective Chance to Cast is Nova. It works really well, even on /players 8. I realize that it will not be effective at all once in NM, but it's loads of fun so far. I will get him up to at least lvl 38, so I can use Tiamat's Rebuke with it's CtC Hydra/Nova/Frost Nova. Still hoping that my mf sorc can come up with Hwanin's Refuge, which is the one item that might make this build sort of viable later on, with it's CtC Static