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Kicker skill question

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by Greyeagle, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Greyeagle

    Greyeagle IncGamers Member

    Jul 1, 2004
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    Kicker skill question

    Hello all,

    I've read most of the guides/discussions here and elsewhere about kickers, but I have some skill questions that are probably more opinion than hard fact based. I'm looking to build a kicker that will be PvM and eventually visit the ubers (not likely to be solo there).

    I'm maxing dragon talon, obviously, and shadow master. SM due to preference for a strong castable tank. My gear will be minimal and mostly self-found, so the gear can't compensate for the build shortcomings.

    So, which build would be fastest at safely solo clearing PvM while still able to visit uberland?

    A. max dtalon, max sm, max venom, max mindblast, 1 ds
    B. max dtalon, max sm, max venom, max ds, 1 mindblast
    C. max dtalon, max sm, max venom, 10+ ds, 10+ mindblast
    D. max dtalon, max sm, max ds, max ls, 1 mindblast

    Also, how much more helpful is a maxed mindblast in keeping control while using a kicker? On my trapper 1pt is enough because I can let the traps do damage while I use mind blast. I'm thinking that if I will be in there kicking I might benefit significantly from a higher mindblast. Plus the added benefit of having the shadow masters' mindblast being higher as well.

  2. Silent Shaddow

    Silent Shaddow IncGamers Member

    May 19, 2006
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    option d is my assa in a nut shell (except i 1pointed the sm and when for an extra trap synergy), also called kicker/trap hybrid and is a very strong char...
    some advice
    DONT max:
    bc convertered monsters if plain old annoying, if u n converted monsters
    but nothing is more annoying then having 2 w8 for a whole set of monster 2 unconvert, personally i would take it up to 2 hard points... this is plenty, mb is used for cr8ing breathing space ad sometimes a quick tank or 2,
    maxed df isnt a good idea, just bc a kick relies on speed for dealing dmg... this wont hlp u... df is for the movement not hitting

    an assa is an excelent support char for the ubers, due to being able to take care of all the mages etc that get summoned whilst some1 else tanks....

    (disclaimer, this is pvm advice only...)

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