Kicker Guide?


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Kicker Guide?

Maybe a month or two ago I read a guide on this forum for a kicker. It recommended using Tiger Strike with a Ribcracker (or other good 2H weapon) and kicks for finishing moves. I now have an ethereal upgraded Ribcracker but I can't find the guide! Was this lost in one of the forum crashes or can someone please give me a link to it? Thank you in advance for any information you can offer.


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Can't remember seeing that, but do remember I was thinking of making a Monksin (with a 'Cracker) ages ago. Got one to lvl 6x and then got Deeds from the bugged Vipers in NM Nihlathak Temple.

I went for DTalon for CB use, so no TStrike/DTail.

It was a fun character, but rather fragile.


// Oh, might as well list some of the gear I was considering/using, though I suppose with the new runewords some of that might've changed.

Rare circlet w/ +2 Skills, FRW, Res All. (Rather than Guilleaume's... You'll really need res).
Rare +2 MA gloves, IAS, Res. Dracul's work well too.
upped Gores (though Shadowdancers would work too)
Credendum belt (Res, stats)
Cracker (Regular, not upped). Not sure on socket. Res All or Shael... can't remember the Breakpoints from the top of my head.
Probably Mara's for ammy, but didn't have one. Went with a rare instead.

Second ring is up for debate... Second raven isn't a bad idea, neither is a Dwarf Star or several other things. Rare rings work well too.

You'll need some decent str for the boots, so might as well make the Duress in an Archon.

2 * +3 Shadow claws on switch for Fade and Master.

// edit 2:
Went with Fade rather than BoS for resistance + PDR.

Max Talon, Cobra Strike for Leech, Fade, Master, MindBlast, CoS, Death Sentry, one point in Blade Fury (vs IM).

I think those were the skills used most often.


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Biggest problem I had with Dracs was the lack of Res. That, and with the setup given, you've no mana leech -> CStrike, unless you get it on a Ring or Circlet (or the MA glove... I think it was only 1% on that one, but it was enough not to have to bother with Leech).


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Naliworld said:
Who wrote it and roughly how long ago? Can't recall such a guide off-hand...
I wish I knew. It's strange, these forums and the Strategy Compendium are the only place I read guides so unless I imagined it it was here. Oh well, I guess I will make it up myself. Thanks for your input guys!