Kicker armour help plz


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Kicker armour help plz

SO here is the question....

Eth superior templar coat
Def 432
lvl 25
3 sockets

Artisans Gothic Plate of the colossus
Def 133
lvl 25
54 life
3 sockets free

Now this is probably a dumb question but......I will be a pkk so i shouldnt be dueling many chars higher then me..mostly 12-25 chargers that hostile me. So is the big increase in defence worth it at the cost of 54 life? Or will the defence make little difference.

Thx 4 any help .


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All duelers and most pks have enough AR to pretty much negate that extra defense. It might help against people in the 12-15 range, but once you get within a few lvls of eachother it won't matter much. Plus Templar is heavy armor, if you're gonna go for defense get an ethereal 4-socket Ornate Plate... tons more defense, one extra socket, and it's medium armor so it won't slow you down so much.