KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

hey :D

i've spent hours reading through the threads on here to find a simple, but full, list of what mods x-fer from 1st hand and off-hand weapons when kicking.

It seems either people try and sound too intellectual, or i've smoked so much i have trouble understanding :-/

either way, if someone could clarify as clearly as possible, that would help me improve my hc kicker


ps. +dmg from war travs work with kicks?
Re: KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

someone? anyone? even a little advice on dual claw? regular weapon and shield? any kicker advice at all really? always good to get different viewpoints.

i dont dual claw at the minute because i havent found any worth using


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Re: KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

Copied from the assassin kick/trap guide.

Here’s a list of modifiers that will transfer to your kicks:

- Open Wounds
- Crushing Blow
- Elemental Damage
- Magic Damage
- +X% Enhanced Damage from non-weapon gear
- +X% Life Leech
- +X% Mana Leech
- +X% Chance to cast xxx on striking

Now, these modifiers do not transfer to your kicks:

- Deadly Strike
- Critical Strike
- + Max Damage
- + Min Damage
- +X% Enhanced Damage from weapon
- +X% Chance to cast on attacking.
Yeah, the kicking basics guide is a bit wordy.


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Re: KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

hmm it doesn't mention poison damage but i'm pretty sure that is carried by kicks as well.


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Re: KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

CtC on attack does work, it doesn't work with Blade Fury.
Re: KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

thanks guys. and those mods apply for off-hand weapon too? thats pretty useful :)

i did read the kicking basics guide, but if thats the basics, ima be screwed for the kicking advanced :p

Burst of Speed over fade?

oh, and what about the +dmg from wear travs, anyone know if that adds due to it being on the boot rather than weapon?


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Re: KickAssin - what mods x-fer?

Fade is good for resists.
Worked for me because I could bring in trap skillers and loose the resist charms.
Its not a 1 pointer for me either,been building it up for awhile now,works well.

I heard that it's bugged if your called Martin tho,I read a thread on here that says all res goto -99 if your burdened with that name;)

Burst of Speed has obvious implications,I asked my dentist and she confirmed it :D

Fade away :)

Which is what happens to my opinions ;)