Kick my Sin please


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Kick my Sin please

Ack, my original post disappeared?

Anyways, need some help with kicking speeds.
I spent a couple hours reading the guides, and I'm just lost...
I have zero confidence in myself that I could read it correctly.

I'm making a kicker hybrid.
I want to use a Chaos/Fury combo claw-claw.

I'm wondering if a Suwayyah is fast enough to hit 7/3 frames, either with +ias or without, or should I be looking at Feral or Runics.

Please help before I plug my runes in.



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As far as I can tell these are the breakpoints for 7 frame inital attack using Chaos Suwayyah..

lvl 0 Burst Of Speed 37%IAS
lvl 1 Burst Of Speed 8% IAS
Lvl 2 Burst Of Speed 2% IAS

Anything above lvl 2 BOS gives you 7 frames...

For 3 frame follow up kick you'll need nothing...A Chaos Suwayyah automatically gives you 3 frames.


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Suwayyah has a WSM of 0, not -35. IAS is counted in another part (i.e. not WSM).

The speeds for a Chaos Suwayyah would be:
BOS /// IAS needed
0 /// 133
1 /// 65
2 /// 52

(also replied in the sticky)


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Thx for the replies

133 ias is way too much

I need to play around with this build before I socket
Thx again