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So i've just made Patriarch. Yippee.

And I'm puzzled. I was expecting a bit of video and some speech to tell me about keys but nothing. Is this right ?

So I just go and run countess, summoner etc until I get the keys I assume ?

Seems a bit odd cos if you didn't read such forums as this you wouldn't know there was more to the game.


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The keys aren't really an extra feature to the game, it is a way of obtaining a sought after item, the Hellfire torch. There are no video sequences telling you about this, the keys were introduced pretty recently, and the videos come from the very first versions...

If you don't read forums like this one, it would be harder to find stuff out, indeed. But keep in mind someone found it out first too, so it sure is possible.

Yes, basically, you just run summoner/countess/nihlatak until you get keys. Be aware they aren't useful at all if you play singleplayer though, since that part is only.


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be very careful of that last one though! Very dangerous, at least in hard core. The others are no problem.

Then again, the ubers are really fun! Go find yourself a friend with a smiter and it'll be no problem!


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You can actually get keys before you defeat Baal in Hell. I've got a HammerDin and a Zon (with Mav's set... just for fun) that have been running countess and summoner. I didn't even realize you could get keys pre-Baal until my hammerdin got one off his first tower quest. :grin:

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you dont have to beat the game, you just have to be in hell difficulty and the location. and be strong enough to beat them.