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yea i use to play this game back in the day like... years ago and i dont remeber anything about keys or organs.. can someone explain what they are ? and are for


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As far as I know the keys are gotten from three Hell Bosses (Countess, Summoner and erm... dunno).

A full keyset can open up portals to three mini ubers (uber forms of andy and duriel I think and erm... dunno again :p) (cube em in Harrogath)
Those mini ubers can drop organs.

A set of organs should allow you to open up a portal to Uber Tristram, where you can fight Uber Meph/Diablo/Baal att the same time. (cube again from Harrogath).
Doing this succesfully can score you torches, standard of heroes and erm... dunno :p

Third key is Nithlatak.
Third Organ is UberIzual.