Keyin' Sin


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Keyin' Sin


20 TS
20 DF
20 Shaow master
1 death sentry
1 preq. for skills

Basicly, charge up and dragon flight countess, summoner, Nith.



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Re: Keyin' Sin

not as viable as a pdr rig kicker.

20 'talon
20 'death sentry
20 'venom

helm: sol'd guilly face
ammy: who cares. ar, res and iDR for preference (a Platinum Amm of Life Everlasting would be t3h sex)
armour: sol'd g-bane
wep: black flail for the cheap, stormlash for the expensive
shield: stormshield, sol'd
rings: raven + who cares
belt: t-gods, string of ears, credendum, some godly rare
boots: up'd gores
glibs: dracs for preference

pretty nigh on invulnerable in PvM and can sit in the vipers clouds and laugh.

charging up tiger-strike is a PITA and d-flight is very buggy and not really terribly consistent.