Keyboard problem

Brown Recluse

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Keyboard problem

Ok. I miss my computer SO much. Its better than the folks'.
Here's my problem.
I have installed the expansion and updated it with the patch. Why cant I use the keys F9-F12 or 7-0?


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Probably becuase in the option menu you haven't set those keys to do anything


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Also, if the numpad keys aren't working, try making sure the NumLock is on.

Sir Lister of Smeg

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I recommend putting your hotkeys on qwer/asdf/zxv (c is for char screen). This is incredibly faster that fx keys. As for my other hotkeys, I put weapon swap on tab, map in ctrl and show items on space.

Or if you need all 16 possible hotkeys:5/qwert/asdfg/zxcvb.
For character screen and quest y and u, o and i remain as they are, as do 1-4.
, and . for skilltree and rightmouse quickselect screen.
Weapon swap on caps lock, h, or \ (if you have that key next to the z key or whatever the key in between left shift and z is labeled, not all keyboards have a key there)
toggle run walk is set to ctrl, since that's far more useful than holding it down, alt, shift, tab, and space are left as they are.