Key Run Sorc


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Key Run Sorc

Ok i was trying to find something to do and i was wondering if a lite sorc is a good key runner and what equip to use on her. i already have the sorc made just need to get gear on her, i was wondering if i should use full tals or go with occy, chancies, shako, tals armor, tals belt, tals ammy, soj, soj, spirit monarch, wartravs, torch, and anni. If you could leave me you opinion on what equip i should use for my lite sorc key runner it would be greatly appreciated.

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Lite sorc is the fastest key runner IMO, beating my hammerdim with nigma. I'm not sure that it'll be easy running nilth with tals, especially if the game spawns those lite immune serpents. I use coh, maras, hoto/spirit with hand held infinity on switch to kill nilth.


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Lightning sorc is the fastest runner for all 3 key places.

For nith, make sure you have Infinity on merc, and tele straight on top of nith himself and Lightning him to death. If he teles away, telejump him again. Do not sit in a corner killing monsters, because your merc will get ezCExploded.


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If the sorc is only going to Key run i recommend going with as much damage as possible. MF doesnt not change the rate at which the key drops so the Tals set is a waste in my opinion.
A typical setup would be
-Shako (Griffons if you can afford)
-Hoto (3/18+ Eschuata's if you dont need resis)
-Choice between Soj's or BK rings
-Treks or Waterwalks