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Key Find trapper

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by LokiFnx, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. LokiFnx

    LokiFnx IncGamers Member

    Jul 14, 2006
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    Key Find trapper

    I was working on this buid essentially its just a resonably cheap trapper

    but i have question on skills i have

    20 DS
    20 LS
    20 CBS
    and prereq

    now I plan to use nigma and tele so i do i need to pust 9 points in SM (currently at 1) and should I max FB or Shock Web first?

    I also have 1 point in fade.

    gear would be
    DS Enig or something with even less str
    tgods (for + str)
    sprit sword and shield
    fcr/resist rings
    20 stat anni
    20 stat torch

    im trying to get no points in str I might have to put a few as I dont have all the gear yet namely the expensive stuff (donations?) and no dex no nrg all vita
  2. jag

    jag IncGamers Member

    Aug 2, 2005
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    1st off - will you have infinity on merc? If you are breaking most light immunes fb wont be of much use. If you do not have infinity merc then you may want to consider upping the fire damage for the immunes.

    Key running countess and summoner will be a piece of cake for this build.

    Nilathak will present some challanges. Your traps are considered minions so their kills will not be covered my any 'monsters rest in peace' gear. You cant just charge in his room dumping traps because you will be dead rather quick. You have to be sneaky...

    I usually check each hall entering his room hoping to find one free of monsters. then i just hide around the corner throwing ls and ds traps into his room till they stop shooting. When they do, move up a bit, but be careful of bodies for his CE since you dont know if he is dead yet -- throw more traps farther in room to see if there is any monsters left -- always mix with ds traps. 95% you will never see nihlathak alive doing this - look for pile with 2-4 items and large gold drop (hopefully a key too). Every once in a while he will be light immune and will teleport far away so be careful - this is not a fullproof strat.

    If you cant find a hallway clear it is best to clear out the 1st room and draw monsters in hall back into 1st room - careful you dont kill anything in the hallways or you could have his CE popping off on you.

    Mercs are near useless done there for a trapper -- even an infinity merc isnt worth the gold to keep reviving them. All a2 mercs i have taken down there love to walk towards the snakes to their death everytime. This is where fb may be handy for handling the snakes since they are usually light immune. STAND YOUR GROUND with them - any movement in their bugged poison cloud is near suicide.

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