Kerry, Catholicism, and Abortion (a/k/a The Mother of All Threads) o


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Kerry, Catholicism, and Abortion (a/k/a The Mother of All Threads)

Catholics Attack Kerry on Abortion Stance

Oddly enough, yours truly here has e-mailed Sen. Kerry twice in the last week asking about this exact same topic. The response has been thundering silence (surprise!).

As a Catholic pro-life Democrat, there are very few candidates out there that champion all of my beliefs and causes. In fact, I can count all of them on the fingers on my third hand (i.e. zero). There's always going to be a handful of issues that various Democrats are going to disagree on - that's the nature (and probably its downfall) of the party. Kerry's stance as being pro-choice does not bother me - I haven't seen a pro-life Democrat in my voting lifetime. (BTW, I think a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat could win 40 of 50 states.) But his being Catholic and pro-choice is very confusing. Here's his justification:

I believe in the church and I care about it enormously. But I think that it's important to not have the church instructing politicians. That is an inappropriate crossing of the line in America.
Similarly, he says he agrees with his church on abortion as a matter of faith but doesn't think he should legislate personal beliefs.
It's a fairly neutral stance that I can buy into. But is it hypocritical? Can he say he tries to keep his church and his state seperate, but still vote on these issues? Would it be less hypocritical if he excused himself from such votes (as a senator, of course - presidents seldom have that option)?


I think it's a damn good stance to go on. I don't think a politician should allow his personal beliefs to interfere too much into his or her decisions, but rather should do what's best for the people. Naturally, that becomes a problem in cases like this. Freedom, however, and that includes over one's own body, should always take presedence.

Church and state are supposed to be seperate and way too many politicians (read: 99.9999% of them) ignore that (ie. Bush). I never thought I'd see one who actually tries to follow that fundamental rule. I have more respect for Kerry now than I ever did.


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Munch said:
is it hypocritical?
i think not.

and there's a sizable catholic population that would agree with kerry's stance.

it's simple and easy to believe that abortion is wrong but that the government should not be involved (in banning it).


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Good responses. Thanks.

I also wanted to add that I think this thread should stay away from the *** marriage content of the linked article. There's another thread currently active on that if anyone does want to comment.


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I like Kerry a lot more after reading that. No politician should allow his religion to interfere with what is right, even though that never really happens. It would be interesting to see if he would stick to that if he was elected.

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I agree completely, I'm Catholic but I'm pro-choice because I'm not going to let my faith prohibit the actions of non-catholics, so I agree completely with his stance. He has to keep church and state separate since them protestants is crazy buggers that think a catholic president=pope runs the U.S.