Keeping the harmony/peace valk without the wep or armor?


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So been trying to get this thing to stick around without the harmony equipped or only on switch but its so fickle. I have a general idea on what I shouldn't do such as hitting WPs/TPs/ healing and mana pots and certain skills like bone armor unsummons it but anyway it still dissapears even if I dont do that like randomly...any ideas how to keep it longer ...

I understand its destroyed when the summon rehashing function is called
which is basically everywhere throughout the code but what actions can I not take?


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Iirc the valk from peace has a bug that makes it randomly disppesr. Trying to pin point exactly what you can and cant do will be very difficult.

If you are an amazon though, one hard point in valk will prevent the bug and let u keep her until she actually dies.


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Yes I’ve actually tested this behavior and it only stays around if you’re a Amazon with at least one hard point in her skill as you mentioned. Such a shame, because that would be such a great way to add another tank to a squishy hero.