Keep the zon?


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Keep the zon?

Well I made a bowzon last ladder and it was fun. I could duel a bit, but the most fun i had was helping in chaos games or whatever. Now I made another one, but it doesn't seem as fun and enjoyable as before.
Now my zon has almost all of the normal bowzon stuff but im not using a merc. My damage is 1k-3k and if I used a might merc with the pride rw would that raise my damage by a lot?
I dont know if I want to keep her, so I'm going to see if a merc might make it more enjoyable.
Also, what other builds do you think are fun to play with?
I like builds that you can duel with and do some other stuff (pvm) such as smiter. So I'm thinking of doing that right now.


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more damage doesn't necessarily make it fun. I suggest you try a melee sorc for a change of pace :)


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Jabbers are very fun. Get yourself a set of titans and go on a killing spree. A melee zon like that is quite different from a bowazon. Quite a different strategy.


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lol runs away and one runs towards :p

i find bowazons rely on heavy tanking of others. i dunno what i would do without either my merc of valk. a might merc would certainly add some dmg for u, and take alota hits off you too.

but a jabberzon is fun too. my lvl 75 jabber managed to knock off a lvl90 barb =D


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Lit zons are a blast. I find when playing mine that most of the time I really don't even need my merc or valk. . .unless something PI/LI comes along, then I just hang back and let them take care of it.