KaZaa replacement?

KaZaa replacement?


Well I finally got pissed with kazaa and threw it out. So I need a replacement. What do you all use besides it? I got WinMX but it blows, and I know about Imesh (does it still work, is it free?).

Any replacements/help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Are you looking for an allpurpose filesharing program? Or specifically focusing on music, movies, etc.?


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as crap as it is, Kazaa tends to be the best, quickest, and most reliable download program.
I use K-lite, BitTorrent, and Overnet. That way I get the best of all major file servers.


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If you want the best try Soulseek

If you want something special, not everyday things, huge collection, spyware free, .....

trust me :thumbsup:


Why didn't you like Kazaa? Well, maybe it if was the actual Kazaa, and not Kazaa Lite K++. I use that all the time. I just downloaded Photoshop 7.0 from it last week. (202MB file on a 56k. Oi.)

Works well enough for me, at least.