Kanai's Cube and Paragon Levels as consumables


Diabloii.Net Site Pal
With the addition of Kanai's Cube, why not turn Paragon Levels into consumables? Here's my idea:

Paragon Levels are no longer automatically awarded when you level. Instead, you receive a token at each paragon level. Now that the paragon level is a consumable, you add a button to the Paragon level interface to allow for upgrading on a specific pages. Once purchased, the upgrade is permanent (the points can still be reset through the interface, but the purchase of the stats is irreversible - like my jacket). While leveling, this would let the player choose which of the sixteen stats to upgrade instead of forcing you to select from the next tab in order. A fairly simple change, I think.

So you could use the tokens to level just as you do now… Or, you can use Kanai’s Cube to spend the consumable tokens in other ways. Turn X tokens into a Death’s Breath, for instance. Or turn bigger numbers into more valuable things. X tokens plus your legendary to reroll it, or X tokens to make Ramaladni's Gift. If the rewards were enticing enough, without being overly expensive, it might even be enough to slow the number of players crushing past p1000. Or not. I would certainly be on board with trading Paragon Levels for Ramaladni's Gift, would anyone else?