Kaardanaan needs expert oppinions


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Kaardanaan needs expert oppinions

Kaardanaan, my latest project (aka abomination) is a very silly Barbarian who has picked up a crossbow, and never looked back.

I need some critique on his gear. This is what I was thinking...

low levels - biggin's bonnet, I have a barbarian helm with 3 sockets, I could dump in some emeralds and diamonds for the dex/ar bonus
medium levels - Arreat's face is enticing, need to trade though.
end game - what do you guys think?
giant killing (bosses) - Guillaumes's face

low levels - twitchthroe
medium levels - lionheart runeword
end game - not sure
giant killing - duress runeword

low levels - bloodfist, sigons gage
medium levels - IK forge
end game - nice craft? rare with IAS? some help here would be good
giant killing - not sure either

low levels - sigons gage, wrap, and sabot combo
medium levels - probably the gage, wrap, sabot combo still
end game - credendum looks good, not sure though
giant killing - a nice craft with some open wounds

low levels - sigons sabot, sanders riprap, cow king's hooves
medium levels - gore riders
end game - probably still gore riders

ravenfrost, and a manald heal, amulet will be a nice rare maybe?

low levels - ichorsting
medium levels - Buriza-Do-Kyanon (aka burrito cannon)
end game - I should have enough runes to cube up, and then upgrade the burrito cannon

Any suggestions, flames, hugs, big cash prizes, are welcome as always. Thanks for the help in advance!



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I would consider using some IK parts. AR in gear will help but you can increase your chance to hit with a barb just by yelling at them. May still need at least one angel ring but my bow barb ended up needing both. thats all I can think of even if its no real help.


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Have you considered a partial IK set (boots, belt, gloves)? Decent stats all the way around, and fairly easy to come by. I'm pretty sure I could dig up a spare of the belt and boots for you if you need them (although, they're RRM/RWM).

Otherwise, a few ideas you didn't list but might have in stock:

Gloves: Clegaw's Pooncers
Belt: String of Ears, Verdungo's, Nos' Coil
Helm: Duskdeep Helm (CoS charges, FTW)
Amulet: Cat's Eye, (of course, Mara's & Highlords Wrath too)
Armor: (medium-game): IMO, Smoke > Lionheart

I haven't tried a ranger-barb yet, but IAS and FR/W were integral to my ranger-pally (since I was lacking crowd control, I had to use hit-and-run tactics). Use your warcries to help crowd control too, and don't be scared to check out the Cloak of Shadows charges on the Duskdeep Helm.


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I think you're thinking of the Nadir RW sirpoops, heh.. (in regards to CoS charges)

Gloves: if you don't go IK here, you can't go wrong with Laying of Hands, if available.

Helm: Arreat's face is a good endgame helm as well as midgame.

Armor: I, too, would say Smoke > Lionheart. I'm not sure how much you're worried about IAS, but you could also consider Treachery (if runes are available, 45% IAS). If I figured right, an Upped Shael'd Buriza + Treachery will get you to 12 frames (2 attacks per second), impressive, I know. :p

Belt: starting to repeat others here, but, String of Ears (again, if available) is a great midgame and endgame belt.

also, since you can't WW, Conc, etc. with a bow, you probably won't need a Manald Heal (unless I'm missing something), so Angelic Wings + Halo may be a godsend. Well, hope this jumbled jumbly was somewhat helpful, good luck!


It's the Darksight Helm that has the CoS charges, and Nadir to a lesser extent.

I'd second (no third) the SoE suggestion. What else can you look for in a belt?

Gloves: Cleglaw's Pooncers, as sirpoopsalot said. Hey, haven't you read the 1337 burrito guide?

Consider the War Traveller boots as well. The added dmg might help with your killing speed, since you don't have anything else to improve your dmg (I know, this is also a fact against straight dmg addition).

One thing you should keep in mind while planning your gear is that CB is only half as effective with ranged weapons. In other words, with 100% CB, every hit will remove 1/8 of the monster life at p1. Doesn't seem very impressive compared to what you normally deal. Deadly Strike, however (which is usually found together with CB), seems to be more useful for the build. Bosses, however, are a different story...

Oh, and keep nice charms in your inventory, namely fine/sharp ones, resists and high poison dmg. A few cold charms, if you don't feel safe enough.


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Llathias said:
It's the Darksight Helm that has the CoS charges, and Nadir to a lesser extent.
D'oh, I knew something wasn't adding up. (Nadir, Duskdeep.. those aren't even close!)

also, if you don't go with the Angelic combo Atma's Scarab would be nifty for CtC Amp and the 20% AR bonus. (this is of course again assuming it is available, heh.. I should probably just shut up now)


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Just want to bring up that the uber glove and mask in fatty kiddo's PvP guide, will work w00tfully for your ranger barb. I know I would do it if I play a barb using bow/xbow.


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Belt: Razortail (pierce!)

Weapon: how about the Hellrack crossbow?

Two-Hand Damage: (89-105) To (254-300) (171.5-202.5 Avg)
Required Level: 76
Required Strength: 163
Required Dexterity: 77
Base Weapon Speed: [10]
+180-230% Enhanced Damage (varies)
100-150% Bonus To Attack Rating (varies)
Adds 63-324 Fire Damage
Adds 63-324 Lightning Damage
Adds 63-324 Cold Damage
+20% Increased Attack Speed
Level 18 Immolation Arrow (150 charges)
Socketed (2)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

Or perhaps a Harmony bow? It'd be fun to have a Valk, and the damage is terrific.

Helm: Guillaume's face would be my pick. You could get a ring with Dim Vision charges instead of CoS.

Gloves: how about cleglaw's gloves? Knockback and slows target. Yum.


a Buriza, even non-upped, will beat any other unique quite easily very soon after you're able to use it (ie. earlier than you can use its competitors), and that with only physical dmg. Add to that the 100% pierce, freeze, incredible IAS, the chunky dex and an even increasing max dmg, there really is no other choice. Besides, it's l33t!

Of course, Razortail, and incredible and staple ranged character belt, will be obsolate with Buriza.


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It might be desirable to have a bow that does something *other* than physical damage (sure, a burrito does some cold damage too, but it's not a good weapon against physical immunes). Hence my two suggestions. But sure, a burrito's a good weapon, definitely.


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Alright, having read through the posts...

@ Puch0 - that's the guide that gave me inspiration for this character. There's also a 1.11 update for that guide floating around somewhere too

Why do you guys recommend smoke over lionheart? Clarification would be good.

I have a burrito cannon, and plan to use against most enemies, but I could make a harmony crossbow on switch to deal with them. As for the Treachery runeword idea, I hadn't thought of that... and faded barbs look cool too.

AR shouldn't be a problem, as I'll grab myself a blessed aim mercenary. I know they're damage is lacking a little bit, but the extra AR means I'll be putting damage out more frequently, so, in my oppinion, it balances out.

Q: How much life do you guys think is reasonable for end game, softcore? With battle orders, my last ranger-barb (sabortheskilled, bow) had just under 2k IIRC.

@ sirpoops - I'll gladly stooge those items off you, :p
neumein (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au

Sorry for the jumbled post, but I'm in a rush. Thanks for all the help, catch you dudes later. I'll check back tomorrow for more responses


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neumein said:
Why do you guys recommend smoke over lionheart? Clarification would be good.
My reasoning was more resists + FHR. (but the +stats could be good too, to each their own)

neumein said:
Q: How much life do you guys think is reasonable for end game, softcore? With battle orders, my last ranger-barb (sabortheskilled, bow) had just under 2k IIRC.
Nearly all of my barbs that I've taken to Pat (only 2), or close to Pat (more than 2), have 2k life.. give or take a few hundred. Nearly all of my deaths come from carelessness around OK's and not lack of life, so I'm of the opinion that anything over 1.5k is good. :p


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IK boots + belt sent.

... and as lachen mentioned, the resists and FHR from Smoke are very sweet. In addition, Smoke is also much cheaper (Lum(17) + Nef(4) versus Hel(15) + Lum(17) + Fal(19))

As for minimum life, IMO it depends upon your resists and FR/W. In all honesty, there's not much chance that you'll kill anything quickly, so that means that you'll need to avoid getting swarmed and beaten down. With about 30 FR/W and 5+ points in Increased Speed (with +skills gear), and maximum resists, ... I'd guess that 1500 - 2000 life is a reasonable amount that should keep you alive (with max'ed resistances).

I'm guessing you'll only have trouble with the occasional extra-fast random boss pack (especially if they're fanatic/cursed). At that point though, I suspect any boss with those mods may give you problems, and adding a bunch of life/resists/whatever might not help too much.

Of course, I still don't know entirely what I'm talking about here, but here's my experience with a somewhat similar non-cookie-cutter ranged-based build: http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=424060


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Does the skill setup from that build employ grim ward? I wonder because my bow barbs always put at least a couple of points in it.