Just thought i'd share


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Just thought i'd share

A few times a week i mozy on over to the bnet forums for a good laugh at the folks there. However, instead of laughing at this guy, I found myself laughing with him. In a discussion about how it would be cool if blizz were able to make gold worth something crossed with the idea of having to buy food and drink to keep chars alive, a guy posted this little theoretical conversation:

Dude1 - "Hey man I just broke my sword can you lend me some gold so I can repair it, I spent it all on food..."

Dude2 - "nah man, I need to buy my food"

Dude1 - "Please?"

Dude2 - "No, I'm not starving for your stupid sword."

Dude1 - "Don't make me kill you for it..."

Dude2 - "With what? Your broken sword?"

Dude1 - "Good point..."

Dude2 - "Yeah buying food for D2 is the dumbest idea ever"

Well, i find it funny. If you guys don't, well, too bad.



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wasn't that how Ultima Online was?? you had to go chop at a tree to build str and had to eat to keep alive......

talk about dragging things out....geeeeeee


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Well, Jerhyn, I'd love to chase Diablo from Lut Gholein to Kurast. I know time is of the essence but first, I could REALLY go for a sandwich...


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It could be like that old ROGUE game... "Skunkbelly is weak from hunger." Or you'd pass out cold in the middle of a fight, because your character hadn't found any food... then the Rattlesnake or the Ur-Vile would smush you like a grape, and it would be all over.

Actually, Divine Divinity had something like this... you could gain all sorts of temporary bonuses by eating certain foods you found (and you generally would regain health or mana points, too). But if you tried to eat too much, your character would whine, "I'm stuffed!" Fun, fun, fun. But you never had to worry about starving. That would've made it even better.


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Haha..I thought it was a funny dialogue. But then again, I'm probably still drunk.

I remember Ultima Underground. You had to eat to stay alive, and it added positivly to the "air" in the game. Sometimes you could be starved, and when you slew some orc or such, you had to make the choice to either devour that moldy cheese and get poisoned for a while, or starve to death.